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  3. Which summer 3 banner are you gonna go for?

User Info: Erst09

1 week ago#1
Which one?

I feel like most people would go for either Dantes or BB.
I am torn between Dantes and Jeanne.

User Info: BipBapBam

1 week ago#2
BB on the MHXX day~

Don't give a s*** about Medb tbh
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User Info: NightKaiser21

1 week ago#3
Just BB. For gameplay intentions.
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User Info: Pikachuster15

1 week ago#4
I'll try for Dantes first and probably throw few tickets at Jeanne's banner. I don't expect to get either, I barely had time to get another gift card after Skadi, but I hope to get at least all the CEs to help with farming.
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User Info: Divinar

1 week ago#5
Mhxx & BB i don't care which one i just need one of them, don't care about medb.
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User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

1 week ago#6
Got nothing to pull with and any money is going towards Ruler Martha, but any attempts I have will go towards BB/Medb I guess, Not that I have any hope in getting them, since motherfreaking SAO MD is treating me FAR better than FGO lately, Sheyta last week from the Rapier banner, both Bercouli & Quinella in one multi (Granted it was on step 3 but still), and getting both their 4-Star weapons (Bercouli's even being enhanced) also in one multi.....The game that usually tells me to screw myself and have 1000 Kirito's or dupes....
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User Info: Zaigou

1 week ago#7
Attempting MHXX and BB (Medb can f*** off).

Depending on that session and much resources I have left, I might go for Dantes.
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User Info: XorKoS

1 week ago#8
I always liked medb a lot so i will try to get all 3 on Banner 3 unlike others, and then i'll pull after / if i get BB on a Jeanne / Ibaraki day if there is one after the start of the 3rd banner.
If i have ex rank luck on those 2 i may try to get a dantes for my Skadi.
(got 660 SQ total)
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User Info: Buretsu

1 week ago#9
Not pulling. Between failing for Skadi and failing for Summer 2, I'm in full-on miser-searching-through-the-couch-cushions-for-loose-saint-quartz mode. Flat broke. Quartz machine broken.
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User Info: Samuraidoc

1 week ago#10
Summer events are always a balls deep endeavor for me.

Going berserk - At least NP2+ for all new Servants. Also aiming to add an NP level to Dante.

No other targets until Christmas, so all in.
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  3. Which summer 3 banner are you gonna go for?
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