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User Info: Erst09

4 weeks ago#1
I have been using her and idk I don’t feel like she is on the same level as Merlin. I see how she is useful for farming and stuff but I don’t think I would take her to a boss fight instead of Merlin/Waver/Tamamo.

She doesn’t seem as consistent as them and her np does really help besides evading one aoe np.

Maybe I am using her wrong or something, don’t get me wrong she still feels op but I still feel like Merlin is superior.

User Info: MaidKnight404

4 weeks ago#2
Merlin is easier, but not necessarily better at the top end. For you. He's straight up better now in jp.
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User Info: AceDarkValkyrie

4 weeks ago#3
She is great for farming if you have the right pieces and you invest, but only a selected fews who are compatible with her. Merlin and Buster are more consistent, and he fits in literally everything. They have also been nerfing Q in Jp recently through enemy comps, so they don't want people to farm easy with Skadi anymore it seems.
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User Info: Dishware

4 weeks ago#4
You'll get there once the others get killed by card damage.

User Info: greycolors

4 weeks ago#5
I think there's a much bigger gulf between a full powered Skadi team and a partly powered Skadi team vs a full and partly powered Merlin team.

User Info: GSenjou

4 weeks ago#6
She's only better if you have all the pieces necessary to 3T loop. MLB kscope, high NP Zerkalot/Parvati/Dantes, etc, Bride/Paracelsus/Waver, etc depending on the comp. Quick has much tighter comp requirements before you see results, so you can't just plug and play like you can with Merlin.
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User Info: XorKoS

4 weeks ago#7
Honestly i used her today to farm some mats she needs, and i was pleasantly surprised, mine is only 8/5/8, but using another 10/x/10, and farming was really fast and easy.
It is what was promised so i'm satisfied.
(Used with NP4 Zerkerlot + Plugsuit Waver, and MLB Holy Night Diner or Halloween Little Devil)

User Info: meimeidesu

4 weeks ago#8
Skadi is a fine instrument, that you slowly build and learn to use.

People that sing high praises of her, are doing it from atop rose colored gardens.

You really have to put all the peices together, test it out, and sometimes give up, before you put it on farming.

She's simply normal otherwise. Merlin buster critting is way more lenient because almost everything is a known quanity when you slot him in.

User Info: GalaxyCrisis

4 weeks ago#9
My Berserker Lancelot comp is okay for now in terms of farming specific Training Ground areas with double Skadi. Currently he's NP2 and 6/6/6; gold gems are holding him back. I have just one copy of Kaleidoscope, and my Skadi is as far as she can go without completing LB2. That said, I can reliably complete the highest AP Berserker Training Ground area in 5 turns.
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User Info: TheBorlax

4 weeks ago#10
Yeah I think with how much praise NA heard about Skadi coming in, a lot of people will be let down by the hype because they don't have all the right components for her to play with at the high end. Mid range teams with Skadi aren't that impressive and you're better off with a mid range Merlin team.

For me, she meets my expectations and I have NP5 Parvati, Waver, MLB Kscope, and MLB BG. Because of how much she's been hyped up, she doesn't even exceed expectations for me. So I'm sure for anyone that doesn't have what I have, they'll be let down.
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