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User Info: TheBorlax

1 month ago#1
I've got NP1 Cu Alter and I'm contemplating whether to roll for Skadi on the America banner to have a chance at NP2 Cu Alter and also story locked Edison which I don't have. His NP damage at NP1 isn't great on his own since he only has the attack up self buff on NP.

User Info: Samuraidoc

1 month ago#2
Like most damage based NPs, he benefits an appreciable amount from NP1 to NP2, but not by much. 600% - 800%.

You are better off with buster supports and overcharge mechanics.
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User Info: Demonrugal

1 month ago#3
IMO there are 2 types of servants in this game - ones who rely on their NP and ones who aren't. Cu is 2nd, he relies more on his skills so he won't benefit much from more NP lvl except he can killing things a little bit easier.
Go for it if you really like him and plan to use him a lot. Otherwise, you may wanna roll for buster support instead.
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User Info: SaberCherry

1 month ago#4
I don't think NP levels are too important for ST triple-Buster Zerks without NP gain skills since it's so hard to get them to NP... usually. Herc I have at NP5 and I can't remember the last time I saw his NP. Cu I have at NP1 and I have used his NP many times but I never plan on it; it just sort of happens unpredictably. It's a bit more important for Cu since he's frontline and can actually use a +NP CE, but I usually use Volumen on him instead.

Now MHXA, I'm having a lot of fun with this event and a +NP level would be really nice.
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User Info: Eiyu

1 month ago#5
You could roll him on his shared rate up with Skadi. Not a bad idea since this is the last year for shared rate ups with the first main story singularities. But Calter will also have solo rate up towards the end of the year too, which is better since more SQ and tickets are saved for him. It's also easier to roll for a single rate up SSR than a shared one.
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User Info: MaidKnight404

1 month ago#6
Is the attack and defense from np level or oc? If it's the first one, definitely. If it's the second...eeeeh? I mean any damage dealer likes bigger nps, but triple buster...

On the other hand arent his busters actually half decent with an arts lead?

I'm really indecisive about this.

If it's an either-or scenario though, ignore him in favor of skadi for sure. I, personally, am STILL. BITTER. about failing her gotcha banner out of nowhere. So you should avoid that seething rage and just get it.
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User Info: Hoid

1 month ago#7

tbh buddy Skadi is so important that I would focus on trying to get her if there is a day where she is solo rate up so you have slightly better rates

if there isn’t a day where she’s solo though have at it

when I was new I looked up to masters who had Cu Alter, he seemed to be the Berzerker only well equipped Masters had.

about the NP level I feel like just about all damage dealers care about having as high NP level as possible. However it’s very expensive to go for it so I’d only do it on certain characters

Above someone mentioned there are two kinds of damage dealers, those who spam Np and those who are reliant on skills. My POV is the real damage dealer split is those who spam NP, or those who crit. Cu Alter is neither

if you do go for him I hope you get him
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User Info: ChemicalBurrito

1 month ago#8
My Cu Alter is at NP1 and I've never really felt the need to upgrade his NP, but if I use him it's as an anchor. How are you using him?
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User Info: TheBorlax

1 month ago#9
ChemicalBurrito posted...
My Cu Alter is at NP1 and I've never really felt the need to upgrade his NP, but if I use him it's as an anchor. How are you using him?
Mostly front line so his evades last many turns. Yeah he usually doesn't NP more than once, so probably no need to NP2. If I didn't have him, I think it's worth rolling on the split banner. I guess I'll eventually get around to picking up Edison on a free ticket or something.

User Info: MageOfFlowers

1 month ago#10
Cu doesn't need his NP too much, he appreciates Grails more for extra stats. Roll for Skadi on solo rate-ups
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