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User Info: Bloodycard

2 days ago#1
good or bad luck?

I just pulled Angra, he is now np2 but last time I pulled him, I got like 6 months of bad rolls, I know this is all rng but it make me feel that because of him, I will not get Anastasia which is the servant I want the most this year.

So, do you see Angra as good or bad luck?
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User Info: Zaigou

2 days ago#2
Angry Mango actually proved to be a bit of a good luck charm on my end.

Pulled him from a random daily summon during part 2 of Summer. Within very few multis I got Ozymandias, Malter (target), Nightingale and Drake. Then pulled Ereshkigal in 7 tickets when her banner showed up.
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User Info: NightKaiser21

2 days ago#3
I dunno... but i burn any copies i get of him since I'm not a fan of him.
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User Info: RufusWolfe

2 days ago#4
The enraged tropical fruit has yet to appear for me, despite doing the free daily and then some (sometimes huge summoning storms during events that grant shiploads of FP) since I started playing nearly a year ago.

I wonder why..?
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User Info: Balthanon

2 days ago#5
I've pulled him 4 times so far-- pretty sure I've gotten at least one gold Servant shortly after each time. I usually use him as a trigger for a 10 roll at least.
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  3. when you pull Angra before a important banner.
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