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User Info: nghiango1989

3 days ago#11
I was a fan of Luvia and Shizuka Itou before Saori Hayami so Astraea has my vote if I must choose one.
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User Info: Nuerogenesis

3 days ago#12
Objectively Astrea is by far the best, power creeped Punch Martha by a country mile.

User Info: Zaigou

3 days ago#13
Nuerogenesis posted...
Objectively Astrea is by far the best, power creeped Punch Martha by a country mile.

Well, Martha is an older Servant. She'd need strengthening/interlude on her 1st and 3rd skill to be brought up to speed where Astraea is.
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User Info: Maxmilion

3 days ago#14
My only answer:

User Info: Core-Lokt

3 days ago#15
I don't know anything about the latter two, so I'll go with my heart-Martha<3
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User Info: miragemoon

2 days ago#16
As if Astraea's loaded skills weren't enough, she also gets an Evil bonus on her NP. Her total steroids aren't anything amazing but to some extent she has crits, NP damage, NP gain, and star gen covered (and arguably survivability with def stacking). That's about as good as it gets for a Ruler and how I think offensive ones should be designed, near self-sufficient with some situational burst.

As for Martha, I'm getting PTSD just thinking about the speculation before the 4* Ruler buff. For how much they play up her gorilla strength she is sorely lacking damage outside of her one turn burst, and really struggles to do anything in the meantime because of her deck and skills that were middling even on release. I doubt she will ever be brought up to speed unless DW really goes out of their way to overhaul summer Servants.

User Info: Hoid

2 days ago#17
I don't play JP! I can't comment on anything there at all

But for NA stuff, the game is pretty easy rn overall.

Martha relies on allies for damage buffs quite a bit, but when she gets them she can roll just fine against enemies she's built to handle

I used her with MLB Chocolat Fondant against Gugalana in the CQ from last summer, and she slayed that Divine Bull like a champ

Astrea seems objectively better though. She is like Hokusai in that her self buffs are just okay, but what let's her somewhat overcome neutral damage is the effective bonus on the NP. Arts decks let em spam it

Martha does get an NP interlude though and she is buster, so very easy to plug and play especially with the battery. I can't wait for that 1200% Buster ST NP. Holding MLB Black Grail against a Divine enemy, she is gonna hit boosted to 180% NP Damage up and thats BEFORE any other buffs whatsoever, with 10% attack class boost at over 15k attack stat.

Her, Merlin, and Waver together can turn 1 Tarrasque when she's holding Black Grail. Falcon PAAAAAAAAAAAAWNCH!
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