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  3. Since ppl have been stuck inside-Anyone have new lv100 servants? I have my Lobo

User Info: Core-Lokt

1 week ago#21
MrStrikeFreedom posted...
She carried me through Camelot a while back. She deserves this

She's not "new" but still. Jalter is another Lvl100. Still trying to 10/10/10 her.
I don't know why, but this makes me happy.

WRT recently bringing a servant to 100, I did with Okita just in time for Saber Wars. That had nothing to do with it, and everything to do with her being my first SSR very shortly after I started. She could use a little help (3T Quick up, ffs), but she's still relevant in JP to this day.
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User Info: Yukure

1 week ago#22
Hmm my latest one is Eresh, back in December.

Hopefully my next one will be Achilles, although I'll be short on grails on his debut
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User Info: nghiango1989

1 week ago#23
My level 100 servants so far:
NA: Maid Alter and Caster Nero
JP: Astarte, Saber Astolfo
Right now, I'm just saving my QP for maxing skills of several servants. No more Grailing at least in the forseeable future until more lotto events.
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User Info: Goraishi

1 week ago#24
I have over 1k 4* XP cards in the mailbox alone, but I don't have anyone who I want to grail.

User Info: NightKaiser21

1 week ago#25
No, as i have 5 grails left, meant for Skadi-shou when she releases in NA.
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User Info: rantck77

1 week ago#26
aside from maid and eresh, nope and I'm down to 8 grails
since I have no other servants to lvl, I have a 2nd lvl 80 lily because she's a good girl dammit
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User Info: DarkKirby2500

1 week ago#27
I really have no idea what do do with my grails aside from my level 100 Jalter.

My 2nd most used offensive servant is Raikou, but I'm not sure how much she really benefits from being grailed as a Berserker who gains basically no survivability from it.

I also don't know if it's worth it to level 90 any non welfare 4*s I have are are only NP1.
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User Info: TommyI916

1 week ago#28
I grailed Eresh to 100 after pulling her a couple weeks ago on my main. That's my most recent. JP is under maintenance right now, but I think I have
100 Eresh (~1700/1700)
100 Gilgamesh (2k/2k)
100 Arjuna Alter
100 Saber Hokusai

100 Saber Medb (done by previous owner who gave me the account after only playing like 2 months)
90 Archtoria (2k/2k)
90 Ishtar (~1800/1800) -> Next to 100

100 Hokusai (2k/2k)
100 Eresh (1200/1200)
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User Info: aliceroose

1 week ago#29
I would if I get MHXA

The newest one is still Melt and I'm proud of her<3
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User Info: Fiz

1 week ago#30
Sorry guys and gals it doesnt have to be a new lv 100 but i just prefered to see how everyone has been spending their grailing lately but feel free to continue to talk about your lv 100 servants but i would love a reason why you grailed them. Like wafu,husbando, because they were your first SR,SSR, or like myself thought Hyde was cool mechanic so figured lv 100 would suit him.

Keep them coming everyone! Make more friends !
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  3. Since ppl have been stuck inside-Anyone have new lv100 servants? I have my Lobo
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