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User Info: Zaigou

1 week ago#11
Oh boy.

I hope that costume for Mordred means her casual attire from Apocrypha.

Jack getting new animations? I guess people that use her will be very happy.

Provided all this is true of course.
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User Info: Demonrugal

1 week ago#12
So they're doing the exact same rerun with NA?

And who's JTR? Jalter?

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User Info: Zaigou

1 week ago#13
JTR = Jack the Ripper.

AKA Murder Daughter.
PSN: Luminos564. ~And now for: Card games....ON MOTORCYCLES.~
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Goten55

1 week ago#14
The only thing that bothers me about the leak is that its saying Apoc will not have a new servant. Every other colab rerun has featured a new servant and not having having one for Apoc seems weird. The popular pick was Saber Astolfo, but we got him. So really the only other option is Saber Jeanne. Unfortunately, I see her as more of a story servant than one that can be plopped down here.
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User Info: agtady

1 week ago#15
I'm fine with this. Apoc was at least a good event and I've been waiting to get the last NP level for Karna since LB4.
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User Info: CVGnaoki

1 week ago#16
Lacking an Apo addition would be annoying, same for them passing a chance to update other Apo servants like Shakespeare, Fran or Amakusa (who has barely hidden base assassin/archer anims).

User Info: dunksahoy

1 week ago#17
I'm okay with an Apoc rerun. I've actually been expecting it for a awhile already. I just hope they announce something new in the stream.

User Info: Nuerogenesis

1 week ago#18
Shaeks not getting an update would be a travesty.

Barring the virus I don't see why they're slacking so hard, they updated 3 servants for the original run (granted 2 of them basically have the same NP animation) there's no reason they shouldn't do all 3 remaining ones for this one.

Barring the virus, but considering how much they've been slacking with updates in general I don't want to give them that excuse.

User Info: Goraishi

1 week ago#19
Apoc rerun is so much better than anything else we have gotten in a while. I really liked doing all of the farming through the raids. I would also like something enticing to roll on because I have a pile of SQ.

User Info: Zinie95

1 week ago#20
Mordred costume: Gross
Jack's animation update: Ehh, she does need it I guess.
No new servant: Lol...................
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