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User Info: FeatherineA

2 weeks ago#41

I can barely manage to log in daily since Setsubun, even failed the DL campaign and missed out on the tickets, just bored out my mind of this game tbh, more of a chore than anything lately.

User Info: rantck77

2 weeks ago#42
just need 200 more transistors to move on to lancing AC guy
which at this point I only need 470 lenses to move onto shishou for tubes
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User Info: A-Omega16

2 weeks ago#43
91,150, have just been taking it slow on natural AP for now
"You might as well give up"
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User Info: DreadKaiser

2 weeks ago#44
Friendship is Magic

User Info: YggdrasilTM

2 weeks ago#45
Around 300,000

User Info: Buretsu

2 weeks ago#46
Just crossed 200k, finally got my first Star CE, should make farming quicker and easier.
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User Info: Dishware

2 weeks ago#47
400.000. Farming Jeanne for some currency.

User Info: Samuraidoc

2 weeks ago#48

Shop is cleared except for gold currency. Vacuum tubes are a pain to farm. No CE drop yet. Hoping to MLB Star of Altria a little sooner, but probably won’t happen.

I am having good luck with hearts though, up + 20.
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User Info: bdragan18

2 weeks ago#49
250.000. Farmed currency for most of what I care to. Will coast on natural AP til everything opens. Did get 2 purely bloom drops, which means that my saberlot can stack enough damage against shishou to OHKO her. Which is nice.

User Info: darksamus1992

2 weeks ago#50
Getting close to 400k. I'm almost done buying the stuff I wanted from the shop too, only need the fous.
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