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User Info: Reno_Ragestar

2 weeks ago#21
Just got my first party boost ce. Kinda hoping it goes faster soon.

User Info: Buretsu

2 weeks ago#22
I'm up to 150k, albeit after eating 4 Golden Apples. Got a Purely Bloom random drop, so I've MLBd it and got Raikou rocking double damage and wrecking s***.
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User Info: Hitazo888

2 weeks ago#23
0, ill start later

User Info: ryochou

2 weeks ago#24
The daily quest has horrible income.
2 Golden apples used.
Guess I'll wait on natural AP for now

Using a full Saber team and priority support Saber Lily with MLB star of Altria.
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User Info: DreikoSaMa

2 weeks ago#25
301k, having my own X helps churn up the drop rate haha. As for Scathach, Musashi is good at taking her down. Usually takes 6-7 turns, 5 if I get good cards. It helps that I'm using the new mystic code with the aoe buster buff which makes the third battle easy to blow up with a combination of Lilly and Musashi NPs. (support is always a vacuum tube CE holder, usually a saberface lol)
(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: DarkPhoenix222

2 weeks ago#26
I'm at 167k. Just got all the CEs from the shop and Galaxy gave me 2 CEs. Now I'll chill and do it at my own pace.
FGO IGN Makoto

User Info: A-Omega16

2 weeks ago#27
Ahh totally forgot to make a topic like this yesterday haha

I’m at 32,000 rn, honestly this event is gonna be a drag, even with the CE boosts the enemy HP is ridiculous
"You might as well give up"
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User Info: DutchAngel9

2 weeks ago#28
About 40k, really not enjoying the levels we're supposed to grind. Ruler is annoying with sabers, as is Tesla (but the levels before him are worse, with 1 or 2 crits every freaking turn ffs), not to mention the 1 million HP Scathach...

User Info: darksamus1992

2 weeks ago#29
192k, focusing on shop first. I'll go hard on Artorium once the good node opens up.
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User Info: GalaxyCrisis

2 weeks ago#30
180,800 points. Currently farming for Transistors in the Planet node while building up Bond for Heroine X, Saber Lily, and Classic Nero; I have a pattern down pat.
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