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User Info: CortanaTheAI

2 weeks ago#11
59k so not great lol. Pretty unmotivated for this event right now
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User Info: Goten55

2 weeks ago#12
182K. I do want SoA before I go to bed.
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User Info: TheBorlax

2 weeks ago#13
Samuraidoc posted...
Haven’t played that much yet. Extremely busy fighting COVID19. Only a matter of time before we have a case on the island, then things will get really bad.

49k? Rest of the weekend off. Excited to finally have my own Saber Lily.
Wow you're really on the front lines of this, aren't you? Good luck! Supposed to be less virulent at warmer temps.
I'm only at 22k
Around 333k.

I can usually do the Galaxy one in 8-10 turns, so it's not too awful.
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(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: rantck77

2 weeks ago#16
focusing on shop 1st
What happened to fun? Our insurance doesn't cover it.
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User Info: nghiango1989

2 weeks ago#17
Just a humble 50k. I want to save my energy so I can bully Heroine Z many times as thanks for the last time when she caused me so much stress.
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Zero. Lol this is the event you want to skip if you have to take a break.

User Info: Dishware

2 weeks ago#19
All around 250.000. No rush since it isn't the best farming node anyway.

User Info: Ikorus13

2 weeks ago#20
1/5 lilys worth.
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