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User Info: Core-Lokt

3 weeks ago#1
rn 161,690
FGO NA 011,674,684
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User Info: BipBapBam

3 weeks ago#2
220kish I think
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User Info: Goraishi

3 weeks ago#3
62k. Not really putting much effort in until the good quest opens up.

User Info: Samuraidoc

3 weeks ago#4
Haven’t played that much yet. Extremely busy fighting COVID19. Only a matter of time before we have a case on the island, then things will get really bad.

49k? Rest of the weekend off. Excited to finally have my own Saber Lily.
FGO: Yue

User Info: GSenjou

3 weeks ago#5
21k. Haven't used any apples yet. Feels weird going back to 40 AP event missions after getting spoiled by KnK.
FGO: Aoba 798,571,229

User Info: Ikorus13

3 weeks ago#6
As usual?

Not. Enough.

I dont even have my own lily yet ;-;
FGO NA: Ikorus (055,832,829) - Local Asterios Advocate; Caligula is my spirit animal
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User Info: KeyKing7

3 weeks ago#7
@Samuraidoc stay safe my guy! Most of my family (well actually, all of them but myself) are in the medical field so the pandemic has been hitting them awfully hard. You’re doing God’s work.

On topic, maybe 100K? Not biting into it too much until the better nodes open later.
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User Info: DemonsSouls

3 weeks ago#8
about 120k

User Info: TommyI916

3 weeks ago#9
Looks like I'm winning so far... 19k
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User Info: YourOnlySavior

3 weeks ago#10
TommyI916 posted...
Looks like I'm winning so far... 19k
Nope. I haven't even opened the event up yet
Salvation starts here.
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