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User Info: Shahrivar

2 weeks ago#61
Goraishi posted...
She is pretty good after Skadi. The community just loves to s*** on characters out of ignorance for a long ass time after they've become good.
Well, same for Fionn I guess. MHX NP damage seems fine to me right now, without the 2 upcoming buffs. Her internals are good (not as good as Jack's, but she has a "full" np interlude unlike Jack) and you'll drown in stars vs Sabers
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User Info: Core-Lokt

2 weeks ago#62
I got tired of grinding with few CEs, so I got another medium pack. I did a 10-pull on banner, and got nothing. Out of frustration, I did another 10-pull on Story banner for spite. I was rewarded with LArtoria, who's now NP5.
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User Info: Chaos_Missile

2 weeks ago#63
Slightly above 30SQs and then some tix for NP2 X.

Caesar, Bedievere, Bedivere, Potion of Love, Code Cast, Mikonn CE, Giles, Giles, Giles, Giles, Giles, and Giles.

Then Fergus, Fergus,....GAWAIN!

It's not NP2 X, but I'll take him.
One of my 4 most wanted Sabers from when I first started the game over 2 years ago.
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User Info: JennyHan

2 weeks ago#65
Rolled 1 ticket coz yolo. No gold/rainbow animation. Suddenly gold assassin card shows up. MHX decides to join out of nowhere.

Why didn't this happen when I spent all saved quartz trying to get fujino...

User Info: Ikorus13

2 weeks ago#66
I...decided I wont be pulling after all. Dont get me wrong, I still love mordred, and x is cute as hell, but my chaldea is lousy with sabers now and gil kind of negates x's semi-niche of killing sabers as well as riders because he's a supreme anti-saber WMD.

I understand she becomes one of the top st assassins when skadi is out and she gets all her buffs at saber wars 2, but right now np3 carmilla should be highly competetive if not outright superior. I do still want her, but I just cant logically justify doing it NOW. I'll have other chances later.
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User Info: Velvet_Blues

2 weeks ago#67
Hey Hey! ...Yeah, I totally got a medium pack even though I was planning to mostly skip the Banner o3o. And with the Quartz I didn't use the first time, it was enough for three 10x pulls! Here we go:

-2 more copies of "Trueshot" and "Bridal Training" CE
-7th(?) Imaginary Around (I lost track of where my second copy is at right now, lol)
-2 more Bedi-kun's (whoo-hoo! NP5, baby!)
-Gawain (Gold swirls and out pops KOTR member #3!)
-NP2 Lancelot (a Silver card popped out only for it to go "nope" and out comes Mr. "kisses your wife"-a lot :3)

Arrrrrrggghhh! ...Dammit, I can't believe I'm more salty about not getting the Scathach CE than not pulling MHX, aha ha ha >_< Well, I'm still wanting a 5-Star Assassin to "show off" on my Support List but I suppose Carmilla will make do as she's NP2 (finally!). *sigh* But new Seiba with a hat looks so cool *_* Well, since I have the real Scathach Servant, I probably don't really need the CE card. Maybe. I know the effects aren't particularly outstanding...but it's Shisou on the art! I'm weak o3o *flashbacks to pulling for "Trick or Treatment" and "Dangerous Beasts" CEs last Halloweens*

The up-swing is getting some new Sei-bros (NP2 Lancelot outta no where, even! XD) and max NP buffing Bedi-kun. Though, I'm kinda split if I should get Lily up to speed to help for the Event or start training Lancelot to swap between/team-up with Grandpa Yags once the Event is over and I continue Shimosa...Well, I actually need to grind for the Event currency before I can even do that, lol XP
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User Info: Superbia

2 weeks ago#68
I pulled 2 Mordreds, Siegfried, my second Kaleidoscope, and my third Fragments of 2030. Which is fine, but I only pulled 3 duplicate Event CEs, so I'm a little salty right now.
I'm very cereal, guys!

User Info: egpNoodlez

2 weeks ago#69
Woohoo...no luck :D

Three Trueshots at least, a pair of Mikons. Ah Nero, my least favourite Saber, now NP2....

Oh well, as I already have MHX and this event last time finally blessed me with SAlter, I can't really feel bad about it.

User Info: Fiyun

2 weeks ago#70
Fiyun posted...
Went with a shot.


2x Fergus
1x Bedi
Bronze- Link
Shinji doll
Inverted Moon
Imaginary Around
Bride Training

Better haul after assaulting Solomon's peons for tickets.

More Beds.
Another Trueshot
The good civilization Altera.
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