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User Info: Thana5102

2 weeks ago#41
300SQ 4SS, MHX now NP5.

User Info: DreikoSaMa

2 weeks ago#42
I already had her so no need to pull. Btw her new animations are awesome. Especially love her cup ramen eating one lol.

User Info: Arthaiin

2 weeks ago#43
I threw 30 quartz and 10 Tickets at the banner when I realized Bedivere is there and I do want him NP5. I didn't get him.

I did get this:


Got that with my first multi and my first Gawain showed up with the tickets. I'm done. I know you should keep going when luck is good, but I haven't spent a dime and I do want to save for Nyanta Alter so I'm stopping right here. This is what I call a VERY good return on investment.
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User Info: Dishware

2 weeks ago#44
Been using NP4 Nero 100 on an alt of mine to wreck this event. Figured I'd roll NP5. Took 30 tickets and 30 SQ. MHX decided to show up too, cool. Also got like.. 9 Bedivere? Dude's really not that rare.

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User Info: darksamus1992

2 weeks ago#45
Used 4 tickets, got NP 4 Lancelot and NP 2 Nero. Both had the rainbow orb effect for some reason.
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User Info: A-Omega16

2 weeks ago#46
BipBapBam posted...
Easy skip

"You might as well give up"
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User Info: GalaxyCrisis

2 weeks ago#47
Two 10x Summons and two Tickets to get all the event CE’s. Rather painless on my wallet compared to previous event banners. My first card on the first 10x Summon was the 5* CE; I got three copies of that one once everything was done.

On the second 10x Summon I got my second copy of Bedivere...and Heroine X. Well, I know where all the shop EXP cards are going to; all the ones I’ve stored up until now are also going to her (it was either Heroine X if I drew her or Saber Lily). Oh, and my first Ticket gave me Classic Nero.
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User Info: Velvet_Blues

2 weeks ago#48
Just did my rolls just now. Did 10 single (8 Tickets/ 2 Quartz-pulls) and a regular 10x pull and here's what I got:

-2x "Trueshot" CE
-2x "Mikotto! Bride Training"
-NP3 Bedivere (didn't realize he was a "secret" rate-up, lol)
-Lancelot (second card in my multi; gold sparks and everything! Hmm, I guess I got both of the Sabers I was eyeing with the previous 4-Star Ticket selection :3)

All in all, not bad. I didn't have the delusions of low-balling MHX this time so I expected a whiff but at least I got a new Saber out of it ^_^. Although, I still want that other CE with Scathach on it (...strictly for Shishou's booty ;P) so I might go fishing o3o. Maaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyybeee just a small/medium pack when I pick up Ni-oh 2 later in the morning...*loud sweating*

Whelp, see y'all in a bit XD Congratz to those that got MHX and good luck who are still/about to pull on the Banner :3
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User Info: zero4024

2 weeks ago#49
Got MHX and one Altera spook was hopping for MHX np2 but it wasn't meant to be.
Also got another copy of Salter not bad I guess.
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User Info: ScrappyDingo

2 weeks ago#50
MHX worth it for Skadi era?

I dropped a cool $500 the last time she was available and got zilch. Not sure if I really should try again, especially with MHX Foreigner coming eventually.
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