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User Info: PostCrisisJ2

2 weeks ago#31
I kinda want X but I already have Jack and I need to save up for Summer BB...
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User Info: Velvet_Blues

2 weeks ago#32
I'm a fan of MHX ever since she debuted in one of those "web-isodes"/browser games thingies (I honestly don't remember what that was about, lol) many years ago. Yes, you could use the Mr. Smither's "but she's got a new hat!" joke to describe her but, dammit, that new hat is quite dope ;P I did end up skipping her rate-up during Thanksgiving (I think that was it?) so I'll being taking a stab at her with this Event; though, I only got 8 Tickets, 40 Quartz/45 Fragments to work with so it won't be pretty o3o I just wished her Banners came around when I wasn't saving for someone else :\

I'm debating if I want wait for the rate-up day with OG Seiba; just to complete the F/SN Servants ^_^ But, if anything, consolation prize would be nabbing some of the Event CEs, particularly the one with Scathach on it ;3

Good luck to everyone interested in the Banner :D May the Force, er, I mean Quartz be with you!

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User Info: RandomGaming

2 weeks ago#33
Thank you for this banner. It doesn't tempt me at all. But Ivan the Terrible's banner will definitely test my loyalty to Achilles damn it.
Still pretty new, but I've been here long enough to be not raw. Nice to meet you!

User Info: Chaosloader

2 weeks ago#34
PostCrisisJ2 posted...
I kinda want X but I already have Jack and I need to save up for Summer BB...

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User Info: rantck77

2 weeks ago#35
well this blows after 30SQs
2 fergus
bedi for NP4
2 soul eaters
2 bride training
wall of masks
seal enforcer

back to saving for skadi
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User Info: Samuraidoc

2 weeks ago#36
210 quartz for one of the 5* CEs, MHX, and enough bride training to MLB 1 copy
FGO: Yue

User Info: DarkPhoenix222

2 weeks ago#37
Already got Mordred NP3, Altria NP3, and Altera NP2 all from spooky spooks. I got the best X, MHXA so I'm good.
FGO IGN Makoto

User Info: Yukure

2 weeks ago#38
51 tickets and 390 SQ got me:

Suzuka x 1 (Now NP4)
Lancelot x 1 (Now NP4)
Yagyu x 1 (New)

And this:


First multi in NA with more than one SSR. I'm so happy! <3
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User Info: M1Astray

2 weeks ago#39
Against my better judgement I decided to do a YOLO multi. First ever non-focus SSR! Altera has arrived to make sure my Chaldea is good civ!

So, I decided to throw 8 of my 18 tickets because if playing gahca's has taught me anything it's to put down when you're luck is good.

Got Best Girl X!

So tossed in the other ten tickets and got two Siegfrieds.

So to summarise one multi and 18 tickets got me Altera, MHX, and two Siegfrieds.

Boy today has been amazing in my gacha's. First Daddy Cooler and now this!
Currently playing: Xenoblade 2, Fate GO, DBZ Dokkan Battle

User Info: Lvl9999Prinny

2 weeks ago#40
12 tix got me Gawain and zero ECEs.

I'm now at ~200 pulls since my first 5* (a spook) without getting another one. Weeeee
Whatever you do... don't pick me up, dood.
(edited 2 weeks ago)
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