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User Info: Goten55

3 weeks ago#11
Skip. I don't need nor want X. Besides, I'll have an NP2 XX by the time I'm done with BB's banner.
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User Info: Luno

3 weeks ago#12
Easiest skip of my life. Mhx and the sabers are very uninteresting gameplay wise.

That and I have 23 quartz due to... Salt rolls :^ thanks semiramis
Nitocris alter when
Probably skip. I mean, I'd be interested in some of the banner servants... eventually. But for now, I don't need a 5 star Saber, and I need to keep my eyes on the prize for now - namely, Waver and Skadi. Once I got one - or both! - of them, it'll be easier to indulge myself with more random rolls.

Plus, I only have 48SQ and 11 tickets in the bank right now, the odds of getting something good out of the event banner aren't that great in the first place.

User Info: Dishware

2 weeks ago#14
Why roll for ST quick units if Rider Kintoki exists?

User Info: Eiyu

2 weeks ago#15
Need CEs.
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User Info: Yukure

2 weeks ago#16
Rolling for MHX.

Skipped her last thanksgiving since I'm saving for Eresh, but this time I'll be rolling for her
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User Info: PortableNewbie

2 weeks ago#17
Skip. Totally not interested.
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User Info: zero4024

2 weeks ago#18
A few 10 rolls for MHX that's about.
Hopefully pickup up the CE's along the way.
No point in stressing over something you can't change.

User Info: DutchAngel9

2 weeks ago#19
Already threw about 20 tickets in an attempts for Cu, so skip, although Mordred is pretty cool.

Besides, already have Altera and Altria.

User Info: Arthaiin

2 weeks ago#20
It's a skip. It's a re-run event so CEs won't be used again, most of the store is monuments which I don't need and the CEs themselves aren't very good. Couple that with not desiring any of the characters on the banner and there is 0 reason to pull.

Saving for Atalanta Alter.
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