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User Info: nghiango1989

2 weeks ago#1
Our beloved Heroine X is back! I will: - Results (127 votes)
Skip, I already got her (or not interested)!
70.08% (89 votes)
Roll only for "Seiba of Sabers" (Heroine X)!
18.11% (23 votes)
Roll only for Seiba (Artoria Pendragon)!
1.57% (2 votes)
Roll only for Seiba's "Treacherous Son" (Mordred)!
3.15% (4 votes)
Roll only for "Bad Civilization" Saber (Altera)!
0% (0 votes)
Roll for Heroine X and the other Sabers on rate-up!
2.36% (3 votes)
Roll only for CE.
4.72% (6 votes)
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03-13-2020 01:00 ~ 03-26-2020 20:59 PDT

SSR on rate-up:
Saber (actually Assassin) Heroine X
Saber Artoria
Saber Mordred
Saber Altera

Limited CE on rate-up:
Good luck if you are trying to get her! Heroine X is currently the only servant who will get full upgrades in the future (all of her skills and NP) so it's something to keep in mind. As for me, I already had her at NP2 since the first Saber Wars banner so I will skip this one and save for Achilles.
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User Info: BipBapBam

2 weeks ago#2
Easy skip
Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all.

User Info: rantck77

2 weeks ago#3
already planned to throw 30SQs and any tix for MHX
already have 3 shadows which I'm not too fond of MLBing given the effects
had 5 bride training I MLBed long ago (DOH)
had 4 true shots which I LBed, at least I can spam FP for those
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User Info: Samuraidoc

2 weeks ago#4
This is the last of 3 events that I haven’t played yet, so will roll for the event CEs, but not much else.
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User Info: StardustXtreme

2 weeks ago#5
Pure absolute skip for me, got every Arturia face.
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User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

2 weeks ago#6
No interest in MHX, Don't need NP3 or higher Artoria, f*** off Mordred, don't need Altera, And don't give a damn about the CE's.

So easy skip for me.
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User Info: NightKaiser21

2 weeks ago#7
BipBapBam posted...
Easy skip
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User Info: Ikorus13

2 weeks ago#8
I have to roll at least a smidge. Gonna go for x+mo. I doubt anything will come of it, but ya never know.
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User Info: squall567

2 weeks ago#9
Going for NP2 MHX.

User Info: Hoid

2 weeks ago#10
Nope skipping. Skadi
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