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  3. If you miss Arthur's Costume now, can you still get it later?

User Info: PortableNewbie

3 weeks ago#11
I feel your friend. >.< It really sucks when you're so close to claiming something... And then something happens and you can't log in because of your carelessness and/or the situation in general. ;.;
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User Info: Balthanon

3 weeks ago#12
Based on the news article, it sounded like it was being added to the rare prism store as soon as the event was over actually.
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User Info: RandomGaming

3 weeks ago#13
hihi123hihi posted...
Kind of defeats the purpose of making a bind code if you made it just in case something happens to your phone but you only kept that code in that same phone and nowhere else.
Pretty much lol she kept in the sticky notes of her phone.

Luno posted...
You can ask her to email fgo support to retrieve her account. They'll give you a new bind code to login and you can use that.

Ofc this means she needs all the information on her account she can get. Servants, gender of master, name, friends in friends list, and friend code (which should be easy to find if you look at the history of your texts between you and her)
That's what she did. She's actually worried right now cuz they asked her the circumstances behind the fact that there were multiple accounts tied to her phone lol i hope nothing bad happens and she'll get her bind code soon
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  3. If you miss Arthur's Costume now, can you still get it later?
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