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  3. KnK rerun starts on the 18th

User Info: DarkAcolyte755

1 month ago#1
hard floor harder ceiling

User Info: Dishware

1 month ago#2
Turns out pretty fast.

User Info: Goraishi

1 month ago#3
I really wish the entire mission list wasn't required for the CQ.

User Info: maguskiller

1 month ago#4
The time for revenge is nigh....
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User Info: nghiango1989

1 month ago#5
Time to get Fujino and possibly NP2 Void Shiki for me!
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User Info: suchiuomizu

1 month ago#6
I've been rather inconsistent with events for a while now, but having this the first time, this is one that will very likely get my attention.

User Info: Ikorus13

1 month ago#7
Shiki! Not having her has been a nuisance for a long time.
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User Info: MonkeyMaster007

1 month ago#8
YES!!!! My favorite anime series of all time!!! Cant wait to get her and play this event!!!
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User Info: CVGnaoki

1 month ago#9
Ready to finally have Shiki, though bones and gears mean I won't be maxing her anytime soon.

User Info: pokedude900

1 month ago#10
Ah. The return of the very first excessively grindy event (in terms of story progression, anyway). Though this is the Lite version, so maybe it'll be easier this time.

What I'm really excited for is a chance to attempt Into the Woods without using Void Shiki's instant death.
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  3. KnK rerun starts on the 18th
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