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  3. What are your side gacha game(s) to FGO?

User Info: Samuraidoc

2 days ago#41
It’s not a Gatcha, but when FF7 remake comes out this spring, I will probably disappear for a while.
FGO: Yue

User Info: Franzise_D

2 days ago#42
Magia Record
Azur Lane
Pokemon Masters
Love Live (technically though all I've done in ages is collect log-in rewards)
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User Info: TsunamiFox

2 days ago#43
Right now it's

1) FGO
2) Dragalia Lost
3) Pokemon Masters

and I'm giving the English version of Symphogear XDU a shot even though I got fed up with the JP version and quit last year.
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User Info: TommyI916

2 days ago#44
I like to play one game at a time, and do it with 2 or 3 accounts. So it's just FGO for me, and with 3 accounts.
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Fire Emblem Heroes, Dissidia Opera Omni, FF Brave Exvius, and if you can count it (it's a console gacha game), Gundam Battle Operation 2.

Lvl9999Prinny posted...
A s***ty chinese game called Evangelion Dawn, just cause I'm a big Eva fan. The gacha in it is pretty useless since you can earn pretty much everything after playing for a long time. It takes about a half-hour per day to clear out the daily stuff and there are no events. I'm expecting the global server to shut down at any time since the chinese servers went offline sometime in 2019.
I played that one for a while, but got bored and quit. There was never any new content, the translation was abysmally poor, and the grind and many different types of upgrade currencies just made it boring/a slog, for me. The gameplay itself was fun, but the novelty wore off after a few months for me...

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User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

2 days ago#46
Azur Lane.
Epic 7.
Fire Emblem Heroes.

Love Live School Idol Festival.
BanG Dream Girls Band Party.
Love Live SIF All-Stars.

Granted I'm getting real bored of All-Stars, especially with how it does it's Stamina mechanic compared to OG SIF, like, not even down to you performing good, it's down to if you have the right Stamina managing units, which, IMO, screw that idea, quit looking for ways to force me to fail and try t o get me to go for new better units....
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Jiyuu Falcon posted...
Edit: So I did a little bit of research after making this post and apparently it has better performance playing on a web browser than on the official app, which seems pretty backwards, but there you go.
That's because GBF was a browser game first IIRC. The app was later. Not to mention computers usually have higher specs than phones.
(edited 2 days ago)
No side game or anything, but I have legitimately wanted to try any game. Fire Emblem Heroes, Azur Lane, Girls Frontline and now Arknights... None of it interests me and I'm not sure what else I could tackle, just waiting until something pops and manages to make it stick as a side game.

I also grind fighting games mainly and constantly and FGO is my go to side game completely when I'm away or taking breaks, so there's that, and, again, it's my only game.
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User Info: Hikari_Sword

2 days ago#49
Honkai Impact 3rd was my only mobile game until recently. For the time being though I'm doing the bare minimum dailies on that while I focus on FGO's story and whatever events I can participate in.
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User Info: dragonmastr

2 days ago#50
Just started playing Azur Lane about a month ago.
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