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  3. What are your side gacha game(s) to FGO?

User Info: ReiRei89

1 month ago#11
Don't have a side gacha game. Tried Pokemon Masters (worst gacha I've ever played) and FF Opera Omnia (which was good but I couldn't commit to it). I guess I could say that FGO JP is my side game since my JP account is secondary to my global account and mostly used to keep my trigger finger at bay.
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User Info: MakotoKikuchi

1 month ago#12
I play both The iDOLM@STER Million Live: Theater Days along with FGO. Neither is my side game, but one or the other gets sidelined if a big event happens. If both have big events simultaneously, then I lose sleep.

User Info: pokedude900

1 month ago#13
Magia Record, but I'm super casual with it. Been behind on the main story forever, and I usually skip or do the bare minimum in events.
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User Info: dracoguardian30

1 month ago#14
Azure Lane but I am not very invested at all honestly the designs are nice particularly Belfast but I just dunno the characters seem like they just don't have enough personality and such to latch me and drag me in to make me a fan

User Info: Erst09

1 month ago#15
Dragalia lost

User Info: sou

1 month ago#16
I play Saint Seiya Awakening & Action Taimanin on the side, but FGO is the only one that I spend money on.
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User Info: UT_Nova

1 month ago#17
Nothing currently. I've tried a few like Epic 7, Alchemist Code, SAO MD, but didn't last long with any of them. I'm going to give Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross a spin when it releases, but that will probably be short lived as well.
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User Info: Balthanon

1 month ago#18
I have a Fire Emblem account I sign in to sometimes to roll on, just because of how many free rolls they give you, but I haven't bothered for a month or two now. I've never really played it much either-- I think I'm on chapter 3 or so maybe.
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User Info: CortanaTheAI

1 month ago#19
Just Azur Lane, it's pretty much the perfect compliment since the rates are great and the grind isn't that impactful due to autobattle. Used to play Fire Emblem Heroes (in fact it was my first gacha) but dropped it due to me finding three gachas hard to deal with. It's for that reason why I probably won't play Arknights despite me having a good start on it.
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User Info: dracoguardian30

1 month ago#20
Is there a Gacha game out there near as good as F/GO for story and making the characters feel like unique characters I have not messed with a lot of them and as I said in my previous post I am just not finding any real investment in say Azure Lane
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