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User Info: DemonsSouls

5 days ago#1
Name one character from the Nasuverse you would like to see in FGO as a servant at some point.

No Arcueid since she is already a given as one that pretty much everyone wants.

Anyway, i would like to see Alice Kuonji.

User Info: hihi123hihi

5 days ago#2
Hakuno Kishinami (both genders) from Fate/Extra as Pseudo Servants but I guess the female version if I can only choose one.

User Info: Howler

5 days ago#3
Bazett. I’m rather surprised she isn’t in already. Fragarach would be useful to counter and punish boss NPs.
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User Info: Black_Fire

5 days ago#4
Twice Pieceman.

We need more moon cancers...
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Nefertari; reunite Ozy with his wife!
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User Info: Arthaiin

5 days ago#6
I'd like to see Sita. I mean she's been IN FGO, and has even been labeled as an archer class servant, and yet she can't be summoned? Riot!
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User Info: alexbanning

5 days ago#7
Moses; reunite Ozy with his brother

User Info: pokedude900

5 days ago#8
Saber Lion. Possibly as a Berserker.
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Is there a Shinji pseudo-servant yet ?

User Info: Executor15

5 days ago#10
Where is waifu Hitler?
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  3. Character you would like to see as a servant.
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