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  3. Valentines Day 2020 Event, how much chocolate have you farmed so far?

User Info: A-Omega16

1 week ago#1
We get no break after Setsubun, it’s time to start farming that chocolate lol. But luckily this event lasts a solid 2 weeks so there isn’t too much rush for this one. Honestly when I first looked at the chocolate ladder it seemed like a lot, and it definitely is but once I started getting those bigger boost multipliers it doesn’t seem AS daunting. Obviously still gonna be quite a bit of farming though

Anyways, use this topic if I’d like to keep track of your daily chocolate ladder record. Tonight I’m sitting at 1,059,000 chocolate, so still got a LONG way to go
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User Info: CortanaTheAI

1 week ago#2
I'm at 2,100,200
Those booster better get pretty big because I can already see myself getting burnt out with a 60 million chocolate cap
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User Info: NightKaiser21

1 week ago#3
20 Mil.

As i wanted to get a head start against me being prone to being lazy, later down the line.
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User Info: GalaxyCrisis

1 week ago#4
I'm just under 1.7 million. Even with four Sweet Days equipped and another on my Support, sometimes I only get six vials of Flavor Boost to drop.
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User Info: Buretsu

1 week ago#5
Currently I'm up to 5,545,700 Chocolate. Have to tap into my Apple supply, but should still come out Apple-positive after everything's done.
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User Info: Franzise_D

1 week ago#6
how the hell even...

I'm barely over 100K

Farming the lancer node sucks since I only have two AoE sabers with batteries, usually takes about seven turns
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User Info: IrvingLee510

1 week ago#7
1.8M. Sometimes the Flavor Boost only drops 4 units per run, even at x12 that's just 48, not enough to upgrade facility after each run now, as the one I'm on(Chocomancy IIRC?) needs 90 per upgrade.

User Info: xenos74

1 week ago#8
3mil so far, running a +6 bonus

Finished farming gold currency, now switching over to silver.

I'll switch to full bonus once I finish clearing the shop

User Info: RufusWolfe

1 week ago#9
Just passed the 1 million mark. It only gets faster, thankfully.
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User Info: rantck77

1 week ago#10
6.3 mil
need chains
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  3. Valentines Day 2020 Event, how much chocolate have you farmed so far?
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