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User Info: Jellygoose

3 months ago#11
SomeGuy11 posted...
Its missing the lottery boxes for gilfest and christmas 2020. Those have gems. They don't show up in shops much.
According to the wiki there will be 20 of each gold gem for the da Vinci rerun. I think gem information is highly important since it's such a blocker for many...

User Info: rickets987

3 months ago#12
There'll be a fair amount more event shops with gems than there were in 2019, but don't rely on that too much because it's still not going to be enough.
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User Info: foxare

3 months ago#13
I'm grateful for those who find these list helpful, and also thankful for those who point out the missing this, I'm sorry I made a mistake of forgetting the lotto from gilfest and 2020 xmas... And I'm sorry for those who wants the gems to be listed too, as I never had any problems with gems, I usually didn't bother to check the gems list on the event shop...

unfortunately, I can't edit the first post... and since I'm a noob in this, I can't figure out how to edit or adding things so so the people can see the missing things...So, If anyone can help me out on how to add the missing things.. I'll be gladly listing the gems too... that is if anyone still interested... once again, thank you so much all!
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User Info: gwwak

3 months ago#14
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: mojack411

3 months ago#15
Only 90 stakes for the entire year is a massive kick to the cajones.
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User Info: hardtimes

3 months ago#16
Only 2 shops have steel :(
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User Info: YaminoSeigi

3 months ago#17
Ugh it seems i need to wait until April before i got the gears for Merlin skills upgraded
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User Info: GalaxyCrisis

2 months ago#18
Geez, my Caster Gilgamesh is at a wall until Valentine's comes around. I need Lanugos for his third, and I'm not at Babylonia yet.
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User Info: uber_kirby_89

2 months ago#19
Oh no I gotta wait until the KnK rerun to get gears for Tesla. I got him in the GSSR banners and I decided to farm for gears for his 3rd asscenion. Only needed 4 cause I had 1 so after like 7 runs of that one node in Shinjuku with good gear drops, I got him ascended, only to find out I needed 10 more gears for his final ascension. Once that happened I decided to just leave him at level 80 until I could wait for an event that had gears in the shop.
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User Info: ReiRei89

2 months ago#20
Welp I'm in gallstone hell now after getting Penth to 10/10/10. Nice to see we'll be getting a few this year from event shops but I'm going to have to farm them at some point.
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(edited 2 months ago)
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