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User Info: Zinie95

1 week ago#1
Still maint, smh. Cutie Astolfo is too adorable, he literally broke the internet.

Event bonus servants :
Saber - Caesar, Jason
Archer - Orion, Aśvatthāman, Santa Altera, Emiya, Robin Hood, Paris
Lancer - Bradamante, Jalter lily, Hozoin, Gareth
Rider - Astolfo, Santa Salter, Boudica, Bartholomew
Caster - Rhyme, Chen Gong, Hans
Assassin - Jack, Fuuma, Charlotte
Berserker - Vlad, Kintoki, Nightingale, Atalante Alter, Darius III, Salome
Ruler - Amakusa, Santa Quetz
Avenger - Jalter
Shielder - Mash
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Samuraidoc

1 week ago#2
How many more hours until Jp hits the dreaded 24 hr mark?
FGO: Yue

User Info: nghiango1989

1 week ago#3
It's the Christmas Unlimited Maintenance Works (JP Version), which is better because nobody is losing their login streaks.

Give me Astolfo, or give me quartz! Actually, I want both!
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User Info: darkauron13

1 week ago#4
Tis 2am here so gonna try in vain to log in when I wake up... If I lose my streak then it happens
I really like rpgs swords and badass characters.....Taste the flavor... of that inferior lukewarm coffee.... as you burn in hell!
So hyped for salem maintence soon too

User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

1 week ago#6
So I saw someone mention Night is AoE Quick, that true?, if so then hopefully she can manage to loop with Double Skadi, if only so I have an alternative in EXP farming since an NP1 Parvati isn't gonna be able to kill off Saber hands that easily while maintaining a loop, lol.
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User Info: Zinie95

1 week ago#7
DarklordMephist posted...
So hyped for salem maintence soon too
48 hours maint incoming

User Info: MaidKnight404

1 week ago#8
Zinie95 posted...
48 hours maint incoming

Coming soon to an I shop near you; apologems 3: the maintenancing.
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User Info: zangatsubankai

1 week ago#9
This is getting silly. Apple really need to get their s*** together. Please don't make me deal with my family...
If that's how it's going to be... I'll snuff them all out! Every last one of your sickening, happy little reasons for living!

User Info: rantck77

1 week ago#10
Zinie95 posted...
Event bonus servants :
Saber - Caesar, Jason

anyone else find it weird that the feature 5* has no bonus?

even ishtar who had no role in christmas 2 had a bonus

What happened to fun? Our insurance doesn't cover it.
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