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User Info: dashshu

4 days ago#1
Pulling for parvati because i like sakura and then this happen

And still no parvati

User Info: Clymore102

4 days ago#2
“Desire Sensor is real”

DW: You want Parvati? Let me give you two Artorias.
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User Info: re_ru

4 days ago#3
I mean.......that's not bad at all.
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User Info: rantck77

4 days ago#4
At least no spooks
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User Info: Mike45

4 days ago#5
Almost the same thing happened to me, i had 60 quartz and 5 summon tickets all i wanted was the CE's and parvati and instead i got Artoria, my second caster gil and a broken heart when i got spooked by my third lancer medusa
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User Info: Reno_Ragestar

4 days ago#6
I spent 111 sq and 23 tickets for Parvati and got two Seiba instead. So desire sensor is real.

User Info: deoxys80

4 days ago#7
Huh, something similar happened to me with nobu and umu.
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User Info: darkrevenant

4 days ago#8
This bulls*** is why I have NP5 Artoria.

User Info: Eiyu

4 days ago#9
Same, even though it didn't come up as a multiroll. I still got two of her, as well as a SSR spook, but no Parvarti.
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User Info: freakcan

3 days ago#10
Grats TC.
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