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User Info: SaberCherry

1 week ago#1
Which Gacha CE do you most want to MLB?

For me I think it's Magical Girl of Sapphire. The difference between almost-looping and looping is huge... and the difference between 40% and 50% starting NP is huge too. They both allow major changes in team composition and farming efficiency. I'd put Kaleidoscope at #2, then 2030.
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User Info: Amadeum

1 week ago#2
I have four copies of Another Ending, Imaginary Around, AND Prisma Cosmos for the past year and it’s driving me nuts I haven’t been able to get spooked by any to MLB
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User Info: PortableNewbie

1 week ago#3
Black Grail for me! Magical Girl of Sapphire is next~
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User Info: alexbanning

1 week ago#4
I still don't have one copy of Kaleid and it seems like it only gets more and more necessary as the game progresses, so easy choice here.

User Info: Eab1990

1 week ago#5
I managed 5/5 Sapphire with the last rate-up, thankfully.

Been 4/5 Black Grail for a while, and Merlin didn’t give me s*** as consolation.

I keep getting Heaven’s Feel copies instead of Prisma Cosmos. Got something like 8 of the former and only 2 of the latter.

Sick of seeing FC/LZO.
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User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

1 week ago#6
Out of these, Probably Cosmos, yeah 100% NP right away would be nice, as would the ridiculous damage on Black Grail, but I hardly use the 1st outside farming, and never use the 2nd despite having it on JP, and having a few good targets to put it on, whereas I use Cosmos more often, granted mainly on Jeanne or Mash to help them get their Defensive NP's ready, but still.

Runner up would probably be Another Ending, I just need 1....more....copy....Though I DO have Imaginary Around MLB, Jack and Melt sure will love that one.
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User Info: SaberCherry

1 week ago#7
I don't have any of them at MLB except Knights of Marines, which I feel is basically worthless non-MLB but I use it all the time MLB. I never use Cute Orangette despite spending a lot of SQ to get one; Sapphire just seems generally more useful. I never use Black Grail, 2030, or Poster Girl but I might if they were MLB. Formal Craft and Imaginary Around I use a often, though (not LZO).
FGO NA (Sakura): 251638528. Lolidusa, Okita, Ishtar, Scathach, Ozy, Waver, Jack, Raikou, Ruler Martha

User Info: rickets987

1 week ago#8
gimme that gd mlb black grail already grAaAAHHHHHHHH
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User Info: Dishware

1 week ago#9
Kscope by far. MLB Black Grail is hilarious, but Kscope is just too much value.

User Info: VETO9999

1 week ago#10
Kscope for sure, I've been doing fine with my MLB Heavens Feel and only got Black Grail recently. I know 80% NP damage is godlike but I need more scopes for farming preferably on my Nitocris.
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