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  3. *sees future events* Wow...January's going to be a killer... *minor spoilers*

User Info: Chaos_Missile

1 week ago#1
Early Jan - NY Event / Hokusai banner
Immediately After - Da Vinci Rerun/ Jalter banner
Immediately After - Setsubun / Oni banner
End January - Valentines/ Semiramis Banner
Immediately After: Kara no Kyokai Rerun / Void Shiki, Fujino Banner

I cant forsee how anyone would be able to save past January easily.
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User Info: CVGnaoki

1 week ago#2
Hokusai and Jalter are overrated, Semiramis has awful sprites and she and Shuten are mediocre, already have Iba and can live without Tomoe or wait for spooks.

Seems pretty easy to me.

User Info: dvoid5951

1 week ago#3
It's gonna be easy for me, I'm going to start saving for Skadi at the beginning of next year.
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User Info: Luno

1 week ago#4
Pretty easy, eyes are set on new husbando achilles.
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User Info: farson135

1 week ago#5
Well, the only servant that I particularly care about is Fujino (big KnK fan, and her design is cool), so it is easy for me. I might throw some tickets here, or there, but after Parvati I am in saving mode.
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User Info: KeyKing7

1 week ago#6
CVGnaoki posted...
Hokusai and Jalter are overrated
Can I get some clarification on this? From what I’ve heard, Hokusai is probably one of the best Arts DPS pointmen due to her ability to loop. I can kind of understand how Jalter falls off a tad due to her ST nuke nature, and maybe how Hokusai is inferior to Edmond/Skadi due to her lack of an interlude, but is she really that overrated?
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User Info: cobbil

1 week ago#7
Only care about Hokusai. Easy for me.

User Info: Eab1990

1 week ago#8
Christmas/New Year is the wallet killer, not January.

Most people will be rolling for some combination of Abby/Eresh/Hokusai.
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User Info: alexbanning

1 week ago#9
Luno posted...
Pretty easy, eyes are set on new husbando achilles.

Excellent taste.

User Info: CortanaTheAI

1 week ago#10
I like Hokusai and would definitely want her but my top priority after Ereshkigal is Kama (and probably Skadi depending on if I get burned on Ereshkigal banner). I will be rolling extra class GSSR next summer so maybe I can get Hokusai then
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  3. *sees future events* Wow...January's going to be a killer... *minor spoilers*
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