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User Info: TheOneAndOnly44

1 month ago#1
Has Zelretch graced you with his Craft Essence? - Results (383 votes)
Yup, enough to MLB!
17.75% (68 votes)
I have a few copies
38.64% (148 votes)
I've got one!
22.19% (85 votes)
Not a single copy...
21.41% (82 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Was going through my main account's servant options and I found myself lamenting multiple times my lack of Kaleidoscope, despite having been an active player since NA day 1.

I have a single MLB copy of imaginary around, but it's just not the same. Hoping that one day soon Zelretch decides to hop into the parallel world that is my Chaldea :/

Those of you who answer, how long have you been playing FGO?
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User Info: Dishware

1 month ago#2
Since around launch (couple weeks later), no Kscope on my main. MLB Kscope on some alt, a single or two on most. Another non-Kscope on some ~600 days one. Such is life.

Oh well, the likes of Drake function decently without. MLB Kscope is where it's really at.

User Info: SaberCherry

1 month ago#3
Having Kaleidoscope is central to FGO.

I'm not crippled by not having MLB Kaleidoscope because there are alternatives like 50% NP free CEs. But if I did not have at least 2 Kaleidoscopes, I'd be crippled on dailies.
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User Info: TommyI916

1 month ago#4
Three accounts, no kscope.
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User Info: phng1900

1 month ago#5
Yes, just mlb it recently, helped immensely during nerofest, and now I'm in love with Nito clearing first 2 waves with it during free quest farming :)

User Info: CVGnaoki

1 month ago#6
MLB + 2 spare

User Info: DreikoSaMa

1 month ago#7
I got 7 of em and no black grails.

User Info: Asura1556

1 month ago#8
I have been playing for one month and I have one. I didn’t even realize it was good. I mean, I got lucky with Merlin too but he’s more overtly powerful.
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User Info: MichaeLelouch

1 month ago#9
Nope, kscope is just a myth to me.
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User Info: Kneekicker

1 month ago#10
Two copies, with one of them being MLB.

I'd totally swap the non-MLB one for a Heaven's Feel if I could, since that CE has eluded me from the day of launch and never has a rate-up ever. You'd think it'd be on rate-up on the HF movie banners, but no.
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