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  3. You can pick a single Top Support Caster for your Chaldea, which do you choose?

User Info: TheMorfeus

1 month ago#1
Which of the meta defining SSR supports would you prefer to own, given that you'd never roll another one? (assume all copies currently owned would disappear) - Results (311 votes)
29.58% (92 votes)
15.11% (47 votes)
25.72% (80 votes)
29.58% (92 votes)
This poll is now closed.
You can still use the others as supports on your friends list, but Kirei has determined that for as long as FGO exists, you can only keep one of the top support casters in your chaldea. Rejoice, as the others become delicious Mapo Tofu ingredients. So, which caster do you pick and why?

User Info: ShotgunSamurai

1 month ago#2
merlin, he's my husbando
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User Info: TommyI916

1 month ago#3
I've prioritized getting Merlin on all 3 accounts for a reason.... =D
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User Info: Luno

1 month ago#4
Skadi, her and emiya are the reason why I got into this game in the first place
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User Info: Kneekicker

1 month ago#5
Skadi, because she's the one who'll make my Quick Servants viable.
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User Info: Artemisthemp

1 month ago#6
I will pick Skadi since she support Quick and I love Quick servants

User Info: u3br

1 month ago#7
Waver because farming is 95% of this game and he works in all teams, not just Skadi engines

User Info: rickets987

1 month ago#8
FGO: Deerlet

User Info: Sephini

1 month ago#9
Merlin cuz that's me right now.
Don't have Waver and I manage fine. Have Tamamo but I have no Arts team so easy pick in the end.

User Info: veinir

1 month ago#10
I already have merlin and tamamo, so i guess i would chose waver.
Skadi is nice and all but waver is useful in more situations
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  3. You can pick a single Top Support Caster for your Chaldea, which do you choose?
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