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User Info: Core-Lokt

3 days ago#41
NeroFest banner f'ed me over for 800 SQ with nothing. I got one big pack for this, with misgivings. I got what I wanted; one copy of SAlter to get her NP5, and one more Merlin for NP2. And a rando Orion *shrug* As a plus, I was able to buy the bonus embers and get SAlter to her first ascension. Now I can do her interlude and see her pretty face instead of the mask.

Good Luck to those rolling on this banner, and my sympathies to those who tried.
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User Info: dabomb3000

3 days ago#42
Skip. All goes towards hokusai.
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User Info: Lordip

3 days ago#43
195 sq and 9 tickets later, only got 1 each of Salter and Lalter (for np3). I already got a bunch of sabers, so Salter at np1 will probably just languish in the second archive.
FGO ign: Aku

User Info: Saber_Alter

3 days ago#44
Started off the banner with a multi-roll and the extra 5 tickets. Bare minimum results all up in this b****. Guess today's not my day, will be able to try again in about a week...

User Info: ComaPrison

3 days ago#45
Dropped 20 tickets and bumped my merlin up from np1 to np2. looking forward to his costume and animation updates

User Info: I_am_boss

3 days ago#46
Hoarding for Oui sorry merlin theres a bunch of you on my support list anyway.
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User Info: GSenjou

3 days ago#47
So uh, no NP2 Merlin, but holy s***, 13 tickets got me Salter, another Lalter for NP2, and a Kaleidoscope.
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User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

3 days ago#48
Well, 5 tickets, Nothing but garbage and 2 Garbage Gold CE's, as expected, now to wait 3 days for some reason to force the game to give me Lalter....
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User Info: Doredia

3 days ago#49
13 tickets and 120 quartz later...

Merlin, Salter and Vlad (Lancer 4*). Worth it!

User Info: A-Omega16

3 days ago#50
I think this may be one of my more successful summons yet. At first I wasn’t even planning on spending but maybe the 22 tickets I had saved up but I decided to drop SQ as well. 153 to be exact.

The more I thought about it the more I realized that...having Merlin would be nice. First off, For challenging quests I wouldn’t have to use my friend slot to take one along and open it up to using other servants I may need. Second, this guy doesn’t appear on rate-up for over 2 years. He’s rare af. And finally, ofc we can’t deny that his utility will ALWAYS be relevant in game. Thinking these things through I decided with my 500+ SQ in hand I should go for it.

My tickets got me some really great CE’s I got my first Black Grail and I also got my first Imaginary Element too. Then on my first 10 roll I got my first Prisma Cosmos and Heavens Feel as well. Honestly I was pretty satisfied with those CEs alone, if anything. After getting nothing after I decided that 150 SQ would be where I drew the line cause I would be sitting at an even 400 SQ, and knew that I probably shouldn’t spend anymore as I have other stuff I’ve been wanting towards the end of the year, and didn’t want to exhaust everything I had. Then https://i.imgtc.ws/LImAI2y.png

Got him, no more SQ spending till Christmas time now
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