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  3. Any of the Ultra High Difficulty Nerofest Quests beatable without a plan?

User Info: DarkKirby2500

6 days ago#1
I'm new to the game, but with friend support, I can beat the Petal Only quest easily by just hitting hard.

Are there any Ultra High Difficulty Nerofest Quests that are beatable that way, or do they all have some crazy gimmick you have to overcome with a specific plan?
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User Info: ReiRei89

6 days ago#2
No. Challenge Quests generally require some kind of strategy, especially this year's batch. You can't just rely on a friend's support and yolo them.
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(edited 6 days ago)
You can get away with that tactic for some of them like the CQ with Herc and Gil. Just make sure to bring some leveled taunters, Mash, and a strong friend support with the damage CE along with your strongest damage dealer with the same CE. Altas uniform or plugsuit are good MCs for those quests.

I got away with that on my alt for some of those CQs using Penth, a level 45 Georgios, level 60 d'Eon, and Mash in my lineups.
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User Info: cheezstache

6 days ago#4
Most of the rerun quests can be cheesed using certain friend supports. Here's a guide I found on reddit:


The newer ones are more difficult to solo. Here are a few that I found:






User Info: Goraishi

6 days ago#5
Several of them can be solo'd by a friend servant. I wouldn't say you can do it with absolutely no plan that way.

User Info: mixedmethods

6 days ago#6
Without a plan? No, not exactly, but some are relatively easy to solo. @cheezstache already posted links.

User Info: DreikoSaMa

6 days ago#7
These quests include arguably the hardest content this game has ever had in US so far. If there's anything that needs a good strategy it's them. Though there's a few easier ones too among them.

User Info: SazukeEX

6 days ago#8
Sumanai is easy if you have Emiya.
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  3. Any of the Ultra High Difficulty Nerofest Quests beatable without a plan?
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