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  3. How important is it to have a special class servant?

User Info: PungentBallsack

3 weeks ago#1
Like ruler or foreigner and such?

User Info: SomeGuy11

3 weeks ago#2
Not very. Fights that involve their class counters are usually balanced around you hitting for neutral (or, for rulers, half). Having the appropriate extra class usually just trivializes the fight, but its plenty winnable without.
The extra class servants are more "do I want THIS SPECIFIC ruler/foreigner/whatever". You aren't taking Amakusa or Sherlock or Jeanne because you want a Ruler to fight the whopping three mooncancers so far released in JP, you are taking them for repeated aoe dispel/def+invuln pierce (and team crit damage)/repeated team invuln. You aren't taking BB to kill an Avenger (well, usually. You use her for that too) but because shes an np spammer that charges her support's meters. You take Summer BB for Faceless Moon (and self mod, if she's your damage dealer)
You take Avengers to hit things over the head. Usually because there are targets of multiple classes so you are better off hitting all of them for neutral than some for double and some for half. Or because self mod is dumb. Or because Skadi makes Dantes dumb.
Anyway, you don't take Extra class servants for their class, you take them for their kits. And that is unique to each one.
Edits: you use an offensive Ruler (Martha, Quetz, Astraea) for similar reason as an Avenger, beating multiple different things over the head.
You bring QSH because it is a beautiful butterfly.
You bring Jinako for her hair.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: StillPainting

3 weeks ago#3
Very important to have one Extra class Servant of your own. Or do you really wanna be that guy or girl on a friend support list fielding a Mash in their Extra slot?

I don't care about a Mash in the 1st support slot/All field, if that's their waifu I don't judge. But Extra slot Mash makes me pity them. They really want to help and gacha is a cruel mistress to deny them an Extra class Servant.

If you're asking about gameplay well
-Moon Cancer is a currently welfare exclusive Exta class that is really good on Arts NP spam teams. Moon Cancer is a hard check class advantage against Avenger class. I can say some of the story content in Part 1.5 benefit from having BB bully Avenger enemies.
-Rulers like Jeanne d'Arc, Best Priest, and Saint Martha are a novelty for general gameplay. Martha needs a buff, Jeanne is high difficulty content or boss check. You'd ideally would like to see one friend with regular Jeanne as event fights can generally be cheesed with her, damage pointman/staller, and Merlin/Waver.
-Avengers, well, you should have a friend with Jeanne Alter on support speed dial. She's great for all content except long multi HP break bosses. She's basically a Berserker without the glaring 2x damage weakness to all. Edmond Dantes is a luxury to own but will become too tier meta in the future. I have my Dantes at LV 100, as a 5* he's still naturally blessed with superb stats. They deal a s*** load of damage to be quite honest, so much that I forgo class advantage and throw either Jeanne Alter or Edmond Dantes when I see multiple enemy classes in a single fight.
-I don't have any informed opinion on Alter Ego. This class has special advantages against many Servants, with a fair share of class weaknesses too. There are 3 of them: Mel, Passionlip, and girl who looks like a nun/brainfart at the moment.

Do you need any to clear story content? No.
Should you have a friend list with a few of these available? Absolutely f***ing yes.

Extra class don't really form a meta like Casters servants (i.e. you can't make them support anchors). They all have their own niche; that said for FGO NA Jeanne Alter is the every day use Extra class. Keep an eye out for future release Skadi unleashing The Count of Monte Cristo's potential as OP Hopeman.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Goraishi

3 weeks ago#4
Avenger is probably the most important extra class to have. You can use a zerker, but they can die much more easily. There are classes which can hit rulers for neutral, but most of your damage dealers probably hit for half. The non-ruler extra classes are at least super easy to hit for neutral damage, but less so for rulers which is why I think an avenger might be good to have on hand. That said, if you have your own supports, enabling a friend Jalter won't be a problem. I don't know if there are any significant ruler bosses with forced npc servants.

Many of the rulers are quite good at certain things, but as a class they're not very important.

Foreigner is probably the least important extra class. Berserkers take double damage from basically everything so you can kill them without a foreigner. Late game zerker bosses can still explode your foreigner through class advantage so no real gain on defense either.

Alter Ego isn't a great class, but it can be very helpful for people who have less developed rosters. The ST ones all have really strong kits so they're good servants anyway. The class problem really shows up on the AE alter egos.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: MrSmokestack

3 weeks ago#5
In a vacuum, my preference is Avenger > Ruler > Mooncancer > Alter Ego > Foreigner.

The first three have several servants that are either excellent neutral damage dealers, or bring utility that no other servant provides. Dantes, Jeanne Alter, BB, Qin Shi Huang, and Jeanne Ruler are the best examples.

Neutral damage dealers simplify team composition since they fear class counters the least, compared to main class ones. They don’t obsolete class advantage, but they are a strong pick for the majority of fights.

This also ties into why Alter Ego and Foreigner are generally weak classes. Unlike Ruler, AEs lack strong support options; unlike Avenger, they are gimped by doing half damage to a huge chunk of the cast. The last fight that Foreigners would have been useful in was one or two-shotting most servants anyway; a Foreigner would have made little difference.

That being said, Hokusai and Abigail are pretty good point servants, but not because of their class.

Extra servants are best when picked from the support list. If you want a damage dealer, 4* BB, Qin Shi Huang, and Jeanne Alter are all worth getting though. The rest work fine from the support list.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: DemiseEnd

3 weeks ago#6
Do you want to have easy time against the occasional Ruler?

Do you not have any good Berserker and then realized 90% of them have s*** for buff and they can't crit?

Thats your answer

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User Info: hodelino

3 weeks ago#7
Still dont have a ruler and everybody on my friendlist only has Jalter or Gorgon in their extra slot
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User Info: Hoid

3 weeks ago#8
DemiseEnd posted...
Do you want to have easy time against the occasional Ruler?

Do you not have any good Berserker and then realized 90% of them have s*** for buff and they can't crit?

Thats your answer

The first Berserker I was interested in when I first started out was Lancelot because he looked so cool

When I borrowed my support Lancelots I remember being amazed at how easily he could Crit and thought all berserkers could do that
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: aliceroose

3 weeks ago#9
hodelino posted...
Still dont have a ruler and everybody on my friendlist only has Jalter or Gorgon in their extra slot

Reason why I put Kiara there lol though no one used her, might swapped her with Sherlock
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User Info: Spidey5

3 weeks ago#10
Depends on if your waifu/husbando is an extra class.
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