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User Info: foxare

3 weeks ago#1
Which kind of Luck do you prefer? - Results (195 votes)
Lots of SSRs pull, but none (or rarely) are your wanted SSRs
16.92% (33 votes)
Rarely pull SSR, but when you get it, it's the one you wanted
83.08% (162 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So, watching me and my friends recent gacha pulls... And especially watching one of my friends blessed with a lot of SSRs in her pulls, but none of them are what she wanted... She just kinda spooked by a lot of SSRs and even SRs that are not on the banner rate up... And this kind of question just suddenly popped out... And so I thought, why not make a survey about it.. Just for fun? hahahaah...

Basically, this luck I refer of course not counting your whaling or dolphining gacha...
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User Info: KeyKing7

3 weeks ago#2
I chose the second, but I feel like most people will prefer/end up wanting something in the middle. Spooks every once in a while aren’t bad, and you won’t always get whom you want, so a good mix makes things more manageable in terms of gacha salt.
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User Info: veinir

3 weeks ago#3
I was spooked by karna during Cleopatra banner and by Mordred during Raikou banner...it didn't feel good at all. I'd rather get the featured ssr i'm pulling for instead of a random spook, even if that means less overall 5. Unless that spook is waver...hear that waver? I would welcome you any time with open arms lol

User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

3 weeks ago#4
If I had a choice, I'd give up spooks from the smaller number of SSR's I wouldn't mind having, if it meant whenever I pulled an SSR it would be the one I freaking wanted.

Ya know, right now I would have NP2 Melt, if Enkidu didn't freaking pop up when I was going for her, I'd also have a Shuten for over a year if Mordred knew how to stay the hell away from me....
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User Info: DemiseEnd

3 weeks ago#5
Second one. Easilly
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User Info: rantck77

3 weeks ago#6
as an f2player, definitely 2nd choice
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User Info: PortableNewbie

3 weeks ago#7
2nd choice although the only time it happened so far is with Dantes... ;.;
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User Info: Pikachuster15

3 weeks ago#8
Preferably the second choice though still better a SSR than no SSR. Its more annoying when I'm trying to get the 4* on rate-up but random 5* spooks kind of ruins my mood more.

Worse is that on the very rare occasion when an off-banner 5* shows up I usually have to let them sit around for months as I don't have the resources to level them up.

User Info: DeliFlatChest

3 weeks ago#9
Rarely pull SSRs but having them what I want

If only that actually was the case, though.

User Info: Eab1990

3 weeks ago#10
I’m sure a lot of people would even prefer SRs they wanted over SSRs they don’t want.
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