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Your pulling plans?

Summer 2018 (NA) Rerun Banner 1 Topic
2019-07-12 00:00 ~ 07-28 20:59 PDT

With Summer 1 coming back, we have the return of a number of strong servants. This banner is a bit less appealing now than it was last year, as we’re only a few weeks from Summer Nobu and Summer Raikou (who are generally better Buster point servants than what this banner has to offer), but the servants here are all pretty strong and Mordred remains the only AoE Arts Rider to this day in JP.

Tamamo-no-Mae (5* Lancer)

Tamamo makes up for a weird skillset with a powerful NP and a good deck. While her skills are a challenge to use effectively, they all can be quite nice, and Tamamo can be an effective point servant for Buster teams in need of a good Lancer.

Anne Bonny & Mary Read (4* Archer)

As a low-risk high-reward ST Buster Archer, the pirates are a safe and powerful addition to any Buster team. There are a ton of strong Buster Archers, and the pirates often get lost in the mix, but if you pull them and invest in them they’ll serve you well.

Mordred (4* Rider)

Far-and-away the most interesting servant on this banner, Mordred is our only offensive Arts Rider (assuming you don’t count George) for the next year or so. While the eventual welfare Ryouma far surpasses Mordred in ST fights, Mordred’s NP refund against multiple targets is pretty insane, making her a really fun pick for certain fights, as well as for farming.

Kiyohime (4* Lancer)

Kiyo serves exactly the same role as Tamamo, and while there are better SR Buster Lancers she remains a solid pick with a decently interesting kit. Most notably, her hit-count spread is such that she can use all five of her cards—including her two Busters—to build her NP gauge, making her a natural pick as a damage funnel for double-support teams.
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User Info: 22whiterabbit22

6 days ago#2
Pirates Party! (5* CE)
Equipped servant’s attacks pierce invulnerability; Equipped servant gains 3 critical stars per turn

This CE has an odd mix of effects. Passive star gen is nice and pierce invuln is occasionally good to have, but usually you want pierce invuln on your damage-dealer and passive star gen on your supports, so having both in one place is not really optimal.

Twilight Memory (4* CE)
Equipped servant evades one attack; Equipped servant’s Quick card effectiveness increases by 8%

This could, I suppose, be useful if you’re running a Quick team and you know you’ll be taking a powerful attack immediately (and it pairs nicely with Quick taunters like Achilles and Assassin Scathach), but overall this is not a great CE and it’s unlikely to see much use.

Shiny Goddess (3* CE)
Equipped servant’s defense increases by 3%; Equipped servant’s Arts card effectiveness increases by 3%

Defense up and Arts performance up are both good effects, and they’re effects that pair nicely with each other given that Arts teams are usually about stability. As 3* CEs go, this is fairly nice, and a 5* CE with this same combination of effects at higher percentages would be great, but the effects are too low to be worth using over a higher-rarity CE.

Should You Pull?

This banner has three solid Buster damage-dealers and one exceptionally rare servant type, and all four servants are good. Unfortunately, the servants here look a bit dated relative to what we’ll get in a few weeks, so unless Mordred specifically is your target you’re probably better off waiting for the Summer 2 banners.

Also keep in mind that this is a rotating banner, so if you particularly want one of the SRs, it’s worth waiting for her solo rate-up day.
And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet's pen turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name.

User Info: KeyKing7

6 days ago#3
Much is my opinion from last year: Archuria is the best of the servants for the re-run, so I will be skipping this banner. Good luck to all those trying for Mae though.
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User Info: ssringo

6 days ago#4
Whaled hard last summer so I'm full up on CE. Might throw some tickets hoping for one of the 4* ladies but since I have Tamamo I won't be using any quartz.

User Info: LostInTheAbyss

6 days ago#5
Strictly speaking from a gameplay perspective, there's 0 reason rolling for either of the Lancer when Raikou is weeks away in Summer 2 pickup 2

User Info: ShotgunSamurai

6 days ago#6
zero interest. i know Summer event 2 is around the corner so why bother
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User Info: Franzise_D

6 days ago#7
Mo would be nice but I'm saving my quartz for Summer 2 and tickets for Holmes/Da Vinci rate-up
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User Info: bdragan18

6 days ago#8
Squirtoria is next banner, so I'm saving.

User Info: Zinie95

6 days ago#9
Easy skip for both banners.

User Info: SomeGuy11

6 days ago#10
Gonna try to np2 my rider mordred on her solo rateup
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