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  3. What are the best servants to use for fast ember farming?

User Info: djmetal777

6 days ago#1
With Paul Bunyan out, i'm farming embers alot faster due to her 2 second NP, i also know of arash, who else is there?
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User Info: Fiz

6 days ago#2
I use my Gilgamesh holding a k scope and his 3rd skill gives him over 100%, then Frankstein with MLB K scope, either borrow a zerker with usually a MLB k scope or a Gil with scope.

I dont have Arash leveled at all hes like 25? maybe with 1/1/

I know I got lucky and I have 1 MLB k scope, and 2 non broken k scopes so helps alot but I do have a few MLB element(75%)
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User Info: Sandarka

6 days ago#3
Spartacus is a good choice for farming embers and QP even at lvl 60, he has a 20% NP charge and buster buff, I use him a lot, and his animation is short compared to others. And yeah, you should level your Arash, he is incredible useful for farming anything except agaist Lancers.
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User Info: Is_Corrupted

6 days ago#4
Arash, Spartacus, all AoE zerkers.

Once Paracelsus gets his NP Gain buff, him + Sieg (future welfare) is more than enough.
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User Info: Reno_Ragestar

6 days ago#5
Gorgon, Mom, Ishtar

User Info: aliceroose

6 days ago#6
Raikou w/ MLB Kaleido is god-send for this
And Ishtar, Jailter with Kaleido(?), Arash
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User Info: u3br

6 days ago#7
depends on how many kscopes you have tbh

User Info: greycolors

6 days ago#8
Anyone with neutral aoe and charge can usually do ok. Welfares like Santa alter Jeanne can work is they aren't disadvantage.

Spartacus and chacha are also good for being zerkers with charge. Fran can also be good with her charge skill. She just needs to draw an arts at some point.

Obviously it's dependant on kscope and MLB imaginary element access depending on charge size. Waver, Helena and other party chargers can enable anyone like Eric bloodaxe that have strong aoe but no charge.
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User Info: Chaos_Missile

6 days ago#9
Lvl Spartacus's 2nd to 9 to allow him to use Imaginary Number and thus freeing any Kaleidoscope you may have for other servants.

With a friend support, I can 3-turn ember farming relatively quickly (the only downside is the wait time due to Arash's sacrifice)

Nitocris with Demonic Bodhisattva also works, but is not as reliable.
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User Info: Lordip

6 days ago#10
The Queen of farming - Nitocris. Raise her 2nd skill to 8, Put a Kscope on her, Use Hogwarts np up charge, and you have back to back NPs that decimate every hands and doors except Riders.
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