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User Info: 22whiterabbit22

4 weeks ago#1
Your pulling plans? - Results (366 votes)
Not Pulling
58.74% (215 votes)
A few tickets/Yolo pulls
24.59% (90 votes)
A single 10-pull (or 10+ Yolo pulls)
5.74% (21 votes)
Multiple 10-pulls (or 20+ Yolo pulls)
8.2% (30 votes)
Full-on whaling
2.73% (10 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Agartha Banner Topic
2019-06-21 00:00 ~ 07-06 20:59 PDT

Agartha’s banner may not be an especially exciting one initially, but in the long-run all three servants here are quite good. This isn’t an amazing banner, but if you like any of the servants here it’s not a bad place to pull either.

Scheherazade (5* Caster)

Initially Schez is a bulky AoE Caster with damage far too low to be worthwhile. Once she’s buffed, though, her damage versus kings becomes entirely respectable and she gains the ability to help keep her allies alive as well. She’s still somewhat overshadowed by her competition—and particularly Da Vinci—but she’s definitely workable and has cases where she’s an excellent pick.

Wu Zetian (4* Assassin)

Wu is a nifty Quick semi-support who happens to be one of the few options for enabling Quick damage in a pre-Skadi world. Once she gets buffed, she’s also a perfectly respectable DPS servant whose NP damage is sky-high assuming Imperial Privilege procs. Definitely a nice pull.

Penthesilea (4* Berserker)

Penth is a fragile ‘Zerker who can, properly supported, consistently NP for big damage. She’s not especially unique in her role, and she’ll be outdone by Nobu in a few months, but if you just want high, consistent damage, she’s a solid pick.

Should You Pull?

There aren’t any “must-have” servants here, but all three servants on this banner are (eventually) good. This is probably a banner to skip if the characters don’t interest you, but if you do pull here there aren’t really any dud pulls.
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User Info: aliceroose

4 weeks ago#2
3 tix
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User Info: bdragan18

4 weeks ago#3
Nope. Too many things to save for.

User Info: Zaigou

4 weeks ago#4
Not pulling. Sorry.

Summer 2 is JUST around the corner after this slog. Just a month or so remains and I get my shots at Malter and Summer Nero.
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User Info: Iwantoldlayout

4 weeks ago#5
I want all three but I'm saving for summer. If I didn't blow so many useless tickets on Onigashima I'd burn some here, but I've only got a few now and I'd like to save them.

Here's hoping for 600+ SQ for summer
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User Info: Chaos_Missile

4 weeks ago#6
Will pull for my most wanted Zerker in the game, Pen-chan (Wu would be nice bonus)

1 10x and probably all tixs(including Shop) not in my Gift Box

So, that's 1 10x and IIRC 7 tixs ( I do still want to save for Ruler Martha)
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User Info: Milennin

4 weeks ago#7
Nothing of interest for me here, so, nope.
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User Info: OracleGunner

4 weeks ago#8
I have 1 ticket. Therefore I must use it to see if I get Disgaea.
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User Info: Dishware

4 weeks ago#9
Halloween for solo rate-ups of these SR's. Definitely skipping this banner. I'm more biased towards other Caster AOE dps namely Anastasia and Murasaki.

User Info: _Etna_

4 weeks ago#10
I'm using the SR ticket for Wu but I'm mulling throwing 20ish tickets on this banner to see if I can NP2 her.
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