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User Info: LeonVermillion

1 month ago#21
The resident yandere mama, I never really liked her design tbh. Waaaay to extreme and her personality is a big no no for me

User Info: wind64a

1 month ago#22
In terms of proper Grail War Practicality?

Avoid at all costs:

Kiyohime (Yandere + extreme issues with lying)
Raikou (Yandere + spit personality issues)
Brynhild (Yet another Yandere)
Gilgamesh (Risk of him becoming bored)
Shakespeare (Risk of him writing a tragedy)
Kiara (Risk of becoming her dinner)
Napoleon (Risk of lung cancer)
Mephistopheles (Risk of betrayal)
Moriarty (Also Risk of Betrayal)

Fine if you want to swap who's the real master:


Fine if you have an immense mana pool:

Other Berserkers in general

Fine if you are a decent person, unlike most Mages:


In terms of this game:
Kiyohime [Lancer] (There is no avoiding her Berserker version...)
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