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User Info: Dishware

1 month ago#41
Kneekicker posted...
Voiced Valentines scenes are a treasure, because my main issues with coming across unfamiliar kanji are somewhat averted when I can just hear the dialogue in question

I've been playing a JP mobile game called Princess Connect recently (Re Zero collab, couldn't resist), and it gives one the option to download voiced lines for every cutscene or to just skip them altogether. In short, it allows people to decide for themselves whether or not they have sufficient memory on their mobile device. Suffice to say, without it being voiced I wouldn't understand a thing. FGO just seems entirely too lazy when it comes to voices and I find that to be a pity.

User Info: InnerAbysm

1 month ago#42
Saber: Siegfried
Archer: Gilgamesh
Lancer: Enkidu
Rider: Iskander
Caster: Waver
Assassin: King Hassan
Basaka: Cu Chulainn alter
Extra: Salieri


User Info: ssringo

1 month ago#43
Saber: Nero, both versions
Lancer: Elizabeth Bathory
Archer: Altria
Caster: Tamamo or Nero
Rider: Quetzalcoatl
Assassin: Jack
Berserker: Ibaraki
Ruler: Jeanne d'Arc
Avenger: Jeanne Alter
Moon Cancer: BB duh
Alter Ego: Kiara I suppose

User Info: Zilong17

1 month ago#44
Saber: Musashi Miyamoto. I fell in love with her design at first sight, and knew immediately I wanted her to be "my Saber" when she debuted in FGO JP. Once I figured out she was Fate's Musashi incarnation I was especially pleased since I've always enjoyed the historical Musashi's writings. Her being the first "dual wielding" Saber added to her appeal, and then I came to enjoy playing in her team comps as well; Musashi was my first "big damage" unit I was able to actually set up and use properly, and I love her unique Fifth Form mechanic. Once I started translating her lines she became even more adorable and is one of my favorite characters in the franchise now.

Lancer: Artoria Pendragon. I'm not supremely fond of the base Artoria, though I don't hate her. I really like the Lancer version for her physical design, but also for being a good "kingly adaption" of Artoria. She's been my go-to Lancer for years and always seems to pull through despite her dated kit.

Archer: Gilgamesh. "You do have worth. You alone have this worth. I hereby declare: In all this world, only one shall be my friend. Thus---not for all eternity shall his worth ever change." This is one of the greatest lines I've ever read, and no matter how his arrogance is played up or used for comedy, this is the line I think of when I go to Gilgamesh. I don't think I'll dwell on any more than that, it just means a lot to me.

Rider: Achilles. I've read the Illiad and a few different adaptions of the Trojan War, and Achilles is usually the most "awesome" character, though I've found he's rarely the most interesting. I do like his story and his premise of "Better to die young doing great things than be mediocre in my old age" mindset. FGO's Achilles has a few extra wrinkles that really add to the character's appeal such as his dynamic with Atalanta, respect for Chiron, and his approach to his Master in FGO. Couldn't be happier with his depiction.

Assassin: Kiritsugu, mostly due to Fate/Zero. I'm technically cheating with that citation so I'll leave it at that.

Caster: Sheba. I love her voice, her lines, her gimmick, gameplay, design, everything. She's absolutely adorable and I find her gorgeous. Also a caster with a giant boxing glove never gets old to watch. (And the djinns.)

Berserker: Lancelot. He's been a badass to behold ever since Fate/Zero aired, and he was my first gold Zerker in FGO as well. He was my first bond 10 unit and dragged me through content I probably shouldn't have been able to clear at my level, and his adaption as a Berserker is one of the explorations/twists on Arthurian lore I like the most from Fate.

Extra: Lobo. I can't really talk about what cemented him as my fav without spoiling his JP-only interlude, but he's a very cool character who dodges the issues I had with him at first; I rolled my eyes at the sight of an "edgy wolf" as a Servant who was an avenger, had the dark tendrils, all that. He turned out to not only be a good unit who was fun to use, but a surprisingly endearing and cool character I hope FGO uses more of.
"My experience with Musashi boils down to using Zilong's and any monkey can realize Zi's Musashi is not normal." - DemiseEnd

User Info: Doubleglock18

1 month ago#45
Saber: Musashi - I love the duel-wielding, idc how impractical it really is. also she's hot
Archer: Gilgamesh - he's cool when he's not being a d***. plus he is badass undeniably
Lancer: Vlad - always been a fan of him from other media. plus learning of his past in Wallachia, dude is awesome
Rider: Medusa - snek is love, snek is life. super hot, super awesome
Assassin: Kiritsugu - i loved his practical way of during things, and i'm a fan of guns, so he gets the spot (though the hassan get varying honorable mentions for being awesome, waifus, or bros.)
Caster: Scheherazade - got a thing for a brown skinned beauties, applies to sheba and nitocris as well, but i can only choose one, so it goes to the storyteller!
Berserker: Cu Alter- i always found him awesome, dunno why, maybe he appeals to my inner edgelord
Extra: Gorgon - best snek, and i love medusas lol. honorable mention to Jalter, this was also a very close one.
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User Info: lostphantom

1 month ago#46
Saber: Salter
Archer: Emiya, Demiya
Lancer: Lalter
Rider: Medusa, Ozy (Sadly don't have him though)
Caster: Hans - My spirit animal
Assassin: Carmilla
Berserker: Nightingale
Ruler: Not particularly fond of any one of them
Avenger: Jalter because of bickering with Salter, Lobo
Alter Ego: Melt
FGO NA: 137 158 823
Non-Event Support: Lalter (90), Salter (80), Emiya (80), Latoria (90), Medusa (90), Sanzang(90), Carmilla (90), Lancelot (80), Jalter(90)

User Info: deoxys80

1 month ago#47
Saber: Okita- Gudaguda and koha-ace, first 5 star.

Archer: Nobu- gudaguda but also i knew who he was even before i got into fate. I love his story and how he bacically laughed back at all who doubted him.

Lancer: Liz- starter, always does her best, adorable, cosplays.

Rider: Astolfo- Memes, reason i started playing. Also has the same VA as Liz. Learn something new everyday.

Caster: tie- rhyme is just to adorable, and hans is basically my spirit animal.

Assassin: Jack- best daughter.

Berserker: Kiyo- Cute, devoted, love her interactions with Liz

Ruler: Amakususa cause screw the rules, i have black keys.

Avenger: doggo cause doggo

Alter ego: okita alter- looks edgy, but is still a goofball (lip barely missed out)

Foreigners:Abby- looks innocent. What can go wrong?
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User Info: LoneCourier

1 month ago#48
Siegfried/Sigurd (not sure which I like more)
Young Li
Old Li
I honestly don't really care about any of the Alter-Egos and Foreigners, but if I have to pick then it would be Okitan and MHXX.

User Info: Ssj3du

1 month ago#49
Class wise it's pretty much -

Saber Lancelot
Lancer Karna
Archer Gilgamesh
Rider Iskandar
Assassin Cursed Arm
Caster Medea

All time favourite is Karna.

User Info: Goten55

1 month ago#50
Saber - Saber Alter: She oozes sexyness to me
Lancer - Bradamante: Dat ass
Archer - Kuro: Because outside of the kissing stuff she is a sweet and nice character
Rider - Astolfo: He is the best boy and won a HGW. Stay mad haters
Caster - Tamamo-no-Mae: She is the reason I got into Fate and bought Extra when it came out on the PSP all those years ago.
Assassin - Jack the Ripper and Shuten Douji: Cute murder daughter. Hope I get her one day. Shuten is an onified Aoi Yuuki.
Berserker - Florence Nightingale and Kiyohime - Nurse's logic defies all reasoning and takes it to the extreme. She is what I like in a "so random" character. Kiyohime loves you will of her being. She is a good girl who will not tolerate lies. Honesty is good.
Extra - Katsushika Houkusai: Her voice is like Shuten's to me. Its captivating and hypnotic
Chaldea's Most Wanted - Jack the Ripper: https://i.imgtc.com/MRmo9zI.webm and Katsushika Houkusai: https://imgtc.com/i/BpaFvSw.png
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