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  3. Which upcoming banner are you stocking up your SQ for?

User Info: Ampere

3 weeks ago#1
Which upcoming NA banner are you stocking up your SQ for?

Personally, I might drop a some rolls on the first Agartha banner, otherwise all my quartz will be going to the 2nd banner of this year's summer event for Maid Alter and Raiko Lancer.

User Info: AntivirusEX

3 weeks ago#2
Summer and Hokusai

User Info: hmmmmname

3 weeks ago#3
Summer and Abby (and Hokusai).
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User Info: VirusLord

3 weeks ago#4
I don't know. -_- My savings are completely dead after my futile attempt to roll for Melt. I kinda want to take another try at Summer Kiyohime, but... I've already got NP3 Summer Tamamo. I'd also kinda like to grab Summer Nobu... But I really need to start saving for later in the year, too. I want Osakabe-hime from Halloween, and I've got to grab one of the Foreigners at the end/beginning of the year, though I'm still torn on which one. Christmas might also be one of my best chances to pick up Nursery Rhyme... But then I also need to save up for next February and my second chance at MHXA... Ugh, there's pretty much no way that I'll have anything to spare on rolling for Eresh.

Saving is hard. >_>
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User Info: Ikorus13

3 weeks ago#5
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User Info: Kneekicker

3 weeks ago#6
Summer 2. My broad goal is to get all the Summer Servants, but I'll be specifically aiming for Helena with multiple NP levels.
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User Info: KefkaesqueXIII

3 weeks ago#7
New Summer 1, primarily for Nobuzerker.
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User Info: suchiuomizu

3 weeks ago#8
Mine go as they come, too few come too slowly to save like that considering rates. It is just a question of how much I am willing to buy each time, assuming I don't get my rare exceptional luck.

User Info: Dishware

3 weeks ago#9
Just Summer Raikou. Agartha 4* servants are on solo-rate up during Halloween. Raikou Zerker has better banners in the future than Onigashima.

User Info: TheBorlax

3 weeks ago#10
I'm going to try to grab Bryn this Nero fest and then it's Hokusai.
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