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User Info: SaberCherry

1 week ago#1
Who is the best Quick Servant in NA?

You can interpret this however you want - the one you think is strongest, the one you borrow the most and wish you had, the one you have at highest bond, the one that you would never ever give up, etc. But let's ignore Skadi effects.

I pick Okita, though actually Ushiwakamaru has the highest bond of anyone on that list. I use all of them and think they're great except MHXA who I don't have and Dantes who I don't think is currently useful. Since Kintoki Rider came out, I usually use him over Ushi, but Ushi is still great, just not SSS-tier like Kintoki.
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User Info: mewhooo

1 week ago#2
<3 Okita, and Rider Kintoki is great too, but Jack the Ripper is IMO the best. Against either female servants of any class save casters, or riders her NP damage is good. Against female riders her damage is obscene. Her active star generation and QQQAB-QNP deck work well in teams looking to crit and form Quick chains. Her internals allow great NP gain with Arts leads as well. Her skillset may not scream "Busted!" but it is solid - good enough for whip-only Kiara at least!

User Info: ShotgunSamurai

1 week ago#3
I voted Kintoki but Jack is better.
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I know Jack is "better", but I use Mototoki far more often these days so I voted him.
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User Info: Nuerogenesis

1 week ago#5
I voted Kintoki because he's the coolest but jack is objectively the best, he's a good runner up though.

Melt is pretty underwhelming compared to them two but I assume skadi helps with that like with mhxa

User Info: Mega_Gardevoir

1 week ago#6
For those that got him, Ridertoki imo. Mostly because of auto-NP5 and the built-in buff on his NP. Jack does better against females, but Kintoki is just great vs everything and didn't even cost quartz to get during his event. Especially now with Merlin there to patch up his lack of hard survival.

But Jack has an evade, buff removal, heal etc. She helps her party out more so it becomes an Ozy vs Kintoki sort of debate. One supports their party better while Kintoki is king of raw damage.
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User Info: GSenjou

1 week ago#7
You could remove all of Jack skills and she'd still be the best. Her internals and NP are nuts.
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User Info: bdragan18

1 week ago#8
In current na, its really hard to argue much other than jack. Maybe kintoki, if you lean on welfare availability as a criteria.

User Info: rickets987

1 week ago#9
Melt, then Atalante, then Ushi, then Scathach. In order of preciousness.

edit: Oh heck, how did I forget Lancer Medusa? She's 1b along with Melt.
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(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Goraishi

1 week ago#10
I picked Scath, though I almost picked Jack. The thing that pushed me towards Scath is that Scath works as buster crit with Merlin rather well. Jack really doesn't. Jack is so strong on her own that you can use her with Merlin, Waver, etc to great effect, but I don't feel the team is as strong as just setting Scath up for buster crits with Merlin. You just don't get the benefits of Hero Creation added to your NP. You do still have a really hard hitting NP which includes a 1 turn CC to help protect your support casters.

I have Jack on both NA and JP (pre Skadi), and I don't really see her as a generally strong pick. I'll use her for class advantage. I've used her as a last ditch anchor on JP which worked ok. I've never really used her for just her niche bonus before Skadi was in the picture, and I'd definitely never pick her as the main hitter for non-niche, neutral damage.. Scath on the other hand, I can just take to a quest where she hits for neutral knowing that she can buster crit whatever boss into the ground.
(edited 1 week ago)
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