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User Info: 22whiterabbit22

4 weeks ago#1
Your pulling plans?

CCC Collab Banner 1 Topic
2019-04-23 07:00 ~ 05-15 20:59 PDT

The first CCC banner introduces a brand-new class in the Alter Egos. That’s the main draw here, though Suzuka also tags along if you need an AoE Saber.

Meltryllis (5* Alter Ego)

Melt is a strong but generic Quick attacker. She can fill holes in your offensive roster, particularly if you’re Quick-oriented. The complete lack of Quick Casters makes Melt valuable to have in that respect, though she’s not an especially important pull otherwise.

Passionlip (4* Alter Ego)

Lip is an odd servant who’s essentially a DPS tank. She’s nice for taking pressure off your supports—particularly against Riders—so if you’re looking for someone with a distinct playstyle she might be for you.

Suzuka Gozen (4* Saber)

Suzuka is a solid crit-centric AoE Saber. She’s not amazing, but she also doesn’t have particularly stiff competition, so she can be valuable if you need someone to cover your AoE Saber needs.

Conquering the Great Sea of Stars (5* CE)
Equipped servant’s Buster card performance increases by 15%; Equipped servant’s NP gain increases by 15%

This is an unusual pairing of effects, and it can potentially be useful on Buster servants who have good NP gain and want to spam their NPs—Gil, Cleo, and Ivan being notable examples.

Tsukimihara Student Council (4* CE)
Equipped servant’s Arts card performance increases by 10%; Equipped servant’s Buster card performance increases by 10%

This is a pretty straightforward CE. Can be a nice slightly lower-cost general-performance option for Buster and Arts servants, especially those with bad Quicks they’d rather avoid using anyway.

The Cage (3* CE)
Equipped servant begins battle with NP gauge charged 10%; Equipped servan’ts defensive NP gain increases by 15%

This is a gimmicky CE meant for taunters (like Lip). You can safely ignore this.

Should You Pull?

If you want an early Alter Ego option, this is the place to pull. The second CCC banner has Kiara, but it takes her a long time to get up to par with Melt and Lip and she’ll get more banners once she’s buffed. Otherwise, we’ll get a welfare Alter Ego in about half a year, and she’ll be more than enough for your Foreigner-slaying needs. This isn’t a particularly exciting banner once you get past the novelty.
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User Info: suchiuomizu

4 weeks ago#2
NP4 Suzuka, NP1 both Sakuras, MLBd each CE (and a random Frankenstein, one of the last few non-limited 4*s I was missing).
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User Info: RayMaster94

4 weeks ago#3
I went with ‘Multiple 10-Pulls’ as that’s what I wound up doing, though I was planning on all-out whaling this time around.

Only reason I didn’t was because I got Lip and NP2 Suzuka in my first three 10s (one per roll), and a short while later got NP3 Melt, one copy in three successive 10-rolls.

I don’t think I need to roll any more.
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User Info: Reno_Ragestar

4 weeks ago#4
I started with enough for 4 10 rolls, but all I needed was 1 for Passionlip and got me a Martha to boot too.

Other 3 rolls are going to Kiara.

User Info: BernkastelWitch

4 weeks ago#5
Did 10 Multirolls and... I'm shocked at my luck:

I just wanted Melt and I got almost everything. Too bad I don't have any silver Assassin pieces for Melt, though. Damn.
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User Info: Zinie95

4 weeks ago#6
Lolno. Not even gonna spend 1 tix on this banner.

User Info: Ikorus13

4 weeks ago#7
had just enough to roll once. Prayers for suzie since shes just my type, but i got lip instead who is so #notmyfetish.

Still, shes competent, and is a new class so i cant complain too much.

Ill throw tickets when available, and maybe another 30sq if its possible. Must have fox saber!
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User Info: Dishware

4 weeks ago#8
Like I said in the maintenance thread, I did three Multi rolls and I got NP2 Melt. Also got NP1 Passionlip. Good stuff. Failed miserably on some quick alt but I'll just make my main into a Buster/Quick account at this point, after obtaining NP5 Okita and NP2 Melt. I'll probably end up picking Wu as my SR pick for some sexy buffs in the meantime.

User Info: BlitzDungeoneer

4 weeks ago#9
2 ten rolls and 2 singles so far.

Got nothing especially interesting besides two copies of the 5* CE, which admittedly will help in grinding a bit, so that's nice.

Still disappointing.
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User Info: PdzJoe

4 weeks ago#10
31 tickets and 1 passionlip 2 rolls got me meltllilith and 2 suzukas
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