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User Info: KeyKing7

3 days ago#1
How are you using your time?

A dead period until CCC arrives. What are you doing with your time?

I’m just going through dailies to burn AP. Also currently 8/10 of the way through finishing a KH run.
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User Info: ASCII1990

3 days ago#2
40 AP Daily and then trying to farm shells in Babylonia.

User Info: Neas

3 days ago#3
Farming pages in Shinjuku.
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User Info: Demonrugal

3 days ago#4
Playing Sekiro if I don’t do something else. Nothing for FGO except doing daily quests from natural AP

Been this way since I rolled for Gil NP2 but the game spooked me with Orion instead. Last time it was Sanzang from Merlin banner (got him anyway) but I got tired of it somehow...
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User Info: Zinie95

3 days ago#5
Literally just do dailies.

No luck with NP2 Gil.

User Info: AKMU

3 days ago#6
Epic Seven.

User Info: gNNNs

3 days ago#7
Ember farming every day. To many servant already in final ascension but not max level
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User Info: Chaos_Missile

3 days ago#8
Dailies + Going through Shinjuku

Chap 4 now. Had a very rough start. (those colorato..things + me bond-training (somewhat low-leveled) evil servants= major lost)
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Farming Archer cookies for Moriarty so I can max his 2nd skill.

Gonna throw him at the Nero fight in CCC lol.
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Spending my Stamina farming embers, and my non-fgo time playing Fate/Extra (just finished week 3, and kinda wish I'd played this before FGO spoiled me as to all the servant identities).
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