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User Info: Nuzad92

3 days ago#1
Okay so I just got the king of heroes.

Very happy since I like the guy. He is one of the character I change from hate to like then from like to love.

But is he usable in the game or is he just for character love.

Either way, I very happy I get him. But if he is strong in the game can I get some tips on how to properly use him, like the team composition and the ce.

My max servants is;
1. Martha (Ruler)
2. Merlin
3. Waver
4. Ozymandias
5. Emiya (archer)
6. Emiya (assassins)
7. Hercules
8. Cu (FSN)
9. Bedivere
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User Info: Zinie95

3 days ago#2
He is the trump card of Buster team.

User Info: SaberManiac

3 days ago#3
Merlin, Waver and Gil will get you through anything and everything for the foreseeable future.

Spam NP. If you have Buster cards and stars, use Gil's Collector skill and Merlin's Hero Creation EX to crit your enemy into oblivion. Alternatively, if you have Arts cards and stars, use Collector with an Arts card lead to help yourself recharge your NP with Arts crits and continue the spam. Use Waver to help out with boosting NP charge.

Gil doesn't benefit much from overcharge, so if you happen to have all three NPs lined up, use Waver > Gil > Merlin.

The rest don't really belong in a team with him. Gil is very selfish in his skillset, so you want to use him as your primary damage dealer. Your teammates should therefore be supports or semi-supports. A friend support Bride works particularly well for help Gil with NP charging (her excellent targetable NP gain boost) and her Attack+star gen boost helps Gil make stars for himself with his high hit counts.

If you have the relevant CEs, it's always 2030 on your supports (maybe Prisma Cosmos on Merlin) and Black Grail on Gil. Golden Sumo works as a all-rounder CE, and Joint Recital works for Buster Crit shenanigans.

User Info: OverlordDeath

3 days ago#4
Probably obvious, but do his interludes and stuff ASAP too. He's one of the best Archers, even in JP I believe, and especially when you're fighting Servants.

User Info: Goraishi

3 days ago#5
OverlordDeath posted...
He's one of the best servants, even in JP

Fixed this for you.

User Info: OverlordDeath

3 days ago#6
Goraishi posted...
OverlordDeath posted...
He's one of the best servants, even in JP

Fixed this for you.

Figured as much, but as I don't follow the JP version, I just wanted to say what I knew, as JP has so many excellent Servants these days.

User Info: Pikachuster15

3 days ago#7
Glad to hear he stays great even into the future.

Any other good teammate suggestions? Other than the obvious 5-star supports (I'm still debating whether to use what's left of my quartz for a chance at Bride or wait for CCC). I figure a good star generator like Jack or even Hassan and Fuuma? Or maybe Hans as general support and star generator? Well, that and a few 2030s.

Just too bad he requires a lot of bond points, but given his personality, its not a surprise.

User Info: Trisagion

3 days ago#8
Questions :

1. He have 2 interludes right ? The first one give 30% NP damage boost to his NP and the second one give 30% NP charge to his 3rd skill ?

2. If i have basic non MUB Black Grail, is it still viable on him ?

User Info: Ikorus13

3 days ago#9
Even a non mlb black grail is one of the best offensive craft essences in the game. Np damage up is rare to be applied through skills so it stacks well, and 60% is huge.

As for "how to gil"?

Start battle. Build np gague. Don't die. Use np. Win. It really is that braindead simple.

He also has a ton of active stargen with his quick in 3rd and his extra, and has a combination star gather np charge skill. Its perfect for setting up savage crit npbb combos.

The man was all but designed for merlin to be his best friend, he wants everything the guy offers.
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User Info: FlufBoi

3 days ago#10
Gilgamesh's NP damage is monstrous, easily on par with ST NPs, if you're fighting servants. The reason for this is because once he gets his NP buff, he'll have 3 different offensive buff types going for him. NP Damage up, is own Charisma Attack up, and the special damage mod from his Overcharge. All he needs is a Buster buff which is easy to get via Supports/CEs, and he'll have literally all 4 possible offensive buffs. Best part is that the NP up, which is 30%, equivalent to a level 1 Mana Burst, is tied to his NP, so it will always go off.