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User Info: Zero0X0

1 month ago#11
MrSmokestack posted...
What Dishware said.

If you don’t care for the class and just want one that doesn’t need a lot of investment, everyone gets Mecha Liz for free in a few months.

I myself will be rolling. Passionlip is a sorely underrated tank and Melt is perfect with Skadi.

The class is interesting but not the ones in CCC banners.
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User Info: sou

1 month ago#12
The only alterego servant outside of the CCC group are Okita Alter (AoE NP) & Sitonai (ST NP), so that's up to your interest in the character.
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User Info: FlareKnights

1 month ago#13
I agree with the idea that if you just would like someone from the class then just waiting until Halloween is the best move.

Like with any servants, best to just see how you feel while going through the story. I'll treat them like brand new servants made for FGO. If they appeal then pulls will definitely happen and if not...then will pass.
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User Info: Muzika2013

1 month ago#14
We get a welfare Buster NP alter ego this halloween, so I think it's safe to skip
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User Info: Kneekicker

1 month ago#15
DarklordMephist posted...
We get an Alter Ego for free later this year.....also rolling simply for class isn't wise, since support system is a thing

Support isn't always dependable, because all the Extra classes are grouped together and a large number of complacent people will still keep their Jeannes and Jalters there. Calling it unwise is too harsh, though of course whether you actually like the Servant is still one of the biggest factors of all.

Mecha Eli comes in five months and she's good enough on her own, so waiting for her is my suggested move as well.
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User Info: Tressert

1 month ago#16
Alter-Egos are mostly useful as "beginner" Servants. They're good because you can get a Caster killer, Rider killer, and Assassin killer all in one Servant. Very useful for a very low investment. That's not a bash or anything- my friend's Okitan carried me through part 1 in JP, and Sitonai is one of my MVPs since I missed Ryouma and Shiki.

If you already have a pretty developed roster, though, they become a lot more niche. Melt is good because of her spammable buff clear, high NP damage, and she's also the only Quick Assassin killer. Passionlip is a tank who can also do pretty good damage, and probably the only one of her type. After her strengthenings Kiara is basically Arts Amakusa who can crit hard.

If none of those niches appeal to you and you just need a Foreigner killer I'd wait for Mecha Eli. She's a pretty standard buster with no real gimmicks who can do that job fine.

User Info: Seybah

1 month ago#17
CCC event is an EoR singularity by itself.

I haven't read the event's story personally but I believe it should give you plenty of introduction to the characters of the Alter-Egos.

But if you don't care for their characters even after the story, there isn't much reason to roll. The featured Alter-Egos are nice to have but they are absolutely not mandatory.

User Info: JennyHan

1 month ago#18
Mecha Eli will get 2 of my grails for sure. She'll go well with my Merlin.
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