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User Info: 22whiterabbit22

2 years ago#1
Kama (5* Assassin)


It seems we have another Sakura. Hooray? Kama makes a strong case for being the best Quick Assassin in the game, surpassing Jack. She has the potential to snowball for heavy damage, and she’s ready-made to partner with Skadi. She also happens to be our first true counter to Alter Egos, and she packs some nice defensive utility as well.

ATK: 11528
HP: 12889
Attribute: Sky
Star Absorption: 100
Star Generation: 25%
NP Charge ATK: 0.74%
NP Charge DEF: 4%
Death Rate: 31.6%
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Traits: Divine, Earth or Sky, Female, Humanoid, Pseudo-Servant, Riding, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish

Cards: QQABB
Q: 4-hit
A: 3-hit
B: 4-hit
E: 5-hit

Availability: Limited

Active Skills:
Blessing of the Goddess B (One ally Max HP down 1000; One ally increase overcharge level by 1 for the shorter of one NP or 3 turns; Self regain 2000-4000 HP; 7 turn cooldown)
Ananga Ranga EX (Self 1000-2000 HP guts status until consumed; Self attack up 20-30% for 3 turns; 8 turn cooldown)
Mara-Papiyas EX (Self charge NP gauge 30-50%; Self gain class advantage against Alter Egos for 3 turns; Self crit damage up 20% for 3 turns; All enemies charm resistance down 20-40% for 1 turn; 8 turn cooldown)

Passive Skills:
Magic Resistance A (Self debuff resistance up 20%)
Riding A (Self Quick card performance up 10%)
Independent Manifestation C (Self crit damage up 6%; Self debuff resistance up 6%; Self Instant-Kill resistance up 6%)
Essence of the God of Love B (Self damage up 225; Self Charm immunity)

Noble Phantasm:
Kama Sammohana
Type: Quick
Hit-Count: 10
-Increases own Quick card performance by 20-40%** for 3 turns
-Deals 1200-2000%* damage to the target
-80% chance to inflict Charm on the target for 1 turn
*Scales with NP level
**Scales with overcharge

Total Ascension Materials:
-Assassin Piece x17
-Assassin Monument x17
-Tearstone of Blood x5
-Bizarre Divine Wine x4
-Tsukumo Mirror x6
-Void’s Dust x24

Total Skill Materials (per skill):
-Gem of Assassin x17
-Magic Gem of Assassin x17
-Secret Gem of Assassin x17
-Bizarre Divine Wine x6
-Tearstone of Blood x9
-Heart of the Foreign God x11
-Lamp of Evil Sealing x15
-Crystallized Lore x1
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User Info: 22whiterabbit22

2 years ago#2
SSR Assassins have a pretty narrow range of stat variation, and Kama falls right about in the middle of the bunch—her attack is just below Jack’s and just above Li’s, and her HP is marginally (but not meaningfully) higher than her attack would indicate. Her NP gain is thoroughly unremarkable, with a fairly typical Arts card for her QQABB deck, along with a pair of Quicks that clock in just below 3%. She won’t have trouble building NP, but without buffs she won’t be doing anything particularly impressive either. As a high-hit-count Assassin, though, her star gen is quite good, and then she supplements her stats with a great spread of passives. Magic Resistance is pretty rare on Assassins (and is probably a reference to how Kama is “supposed” to be an Archer), and it helps her stave off debuffs. She also gets an A-rank in Riding, which boosts her effective NP gain and (more importantly) her NP damage. Independent Manifestation is an exceptionally rare passive—Kama is only the third servant to get it, after Saber Shiki and Kiara—though all it really does in this case is boost crit damage a touch. Kama finishes with a unique passive that grants a Divinity-type damage boost and also grants immunity to charm, which may be useful on occasion.

Kama asks almost exclusively for gold mats, and most of those mats are old enough that they’re unlikely to cause issues. She has the most forgiving mat requirements in recent memory, and she should be easy to raise if you pull her.

Kama’s skillset has an interesting degree of variety. Recommended skill order is 3>2>1.
-Blessing is a super unusual skill. In practical terms, the most important effect here is the self-heal—4000 HP on a 5-turn CD isn’t the best around, but it’s close, and it can make a big difference especially in fights with lower overall card damage. The heal targets Kama no matter what, but the other two effects are targetable. This skill inflicts a permanent 1000 HP max HP reduction on the target. In shorter fights (which Quick servants prefer anyway), this is pretty negligible, but it can start to get problematic for longer fights if you don’t have a source of debuff removal handy. Whoever takes this demerit then gets a buff that increases overcharge level by 1. On Kama herself, this is a meager 5% Quick card buff increase, but you can easily use this on supports (such as Skadi or Osakabehime) instead for a more useful party effect.
-Ananga Ranga is an awesome skill. This is basically a variant on Teach’s and the Summer Pirates’ Guts skills, giving a guts effect that doesn’t run out until consumed. This means Kama can use this immediately and then, if the fight lasts long enough, hang on to it until it cools down for a potential of two back-to-back Guts turns. It’s also a 3-turn 30% attack buff, which is nice for Kama’s damage output.
And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet's pen turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name.

User Info: 22whiterabbit22

2 years ago#3
-Mara-Papiyas is a super loaded skill. It’s a 50% battery, which is always nice, and then it grants three more effects on top of that. First, it provides a small crit damage boost to help Kama’s cards a little. This won’t be particularly noticeable (especially if you’re running Skadi), but more damage is more damage. Second, it reduces enemy charm resistance. This is most notable for helping to ensure the charm on Kama’s NP lands, but it can also help certain other servants do the same. Parvati is the obvious example, as this brings her NP’s charm up to a 100% success rate. Given that the effect is AoE rather than targeted, the synergy is likely intentional. The final and most interesting effect here, though, is that it gives Kama class advantage against Alter Egos for 3 turns. Alter Egos currently lack a true counter class, so until and unless that changes, Kama is the best option for a hard counter. It’s a nice tool to have when our options used to be “bring a knight and go slow” or “bring a ‘Zerker.” That said, it’s kind of odd to have this on a servant who is herself an Assassin, as it means while Kama is great against Alter Egos part of the time, when this wears off she goes back to being weak to them. This makes the skill stronger than it would otherwise be in some respects—if a Saber, Lancer, or Archer had the skill it would only grant the offensive booth as opposed to offensive and defensive boosts—but it leaves Kama on something of a timer if you want to use her as an AE-slayer.

Kama Sammohana is quite strong. It’s a 10-hit ST Quick NP, and with Kama’s bases it should regain about 10% NP even before outside buffs, on top of generating a fair number of stars. It also features a pre-damage, 3-turn Quick buff, which allows Kama to snowball up to very high damage if she can loop (which is entirely possible, especially with Skadi). On top of that, it also carries an 80% charm chance. Bosses and CQs are often immune to mental debuffs, but when they aren’t Kama has the potential to keep them mostly locked-down. While Kama’s skills are nice, this NP is the real core of her kit.
And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet's pen turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name.

User Info: 22whiterabbit22

2 years ago#4
Usage Tips:

Kama has a strong NP coupled with the NP gain she needs to loop with Skadi, so she’s obviously a good fit for those teams. More interestingly, though, her mix of defensive utility is something that more “low-investment” Quick teams very much appreciate. Kama is designed in such a way that she would have been useful even in a pre-Skadi world. In non-Skadi Quick teams, such as teams that run Achilles, Tristan, Riderin, and so on, Kama can slot in to provide a good chunk of damage while also buying turns of survival with her charms. She’s pretty flexible, and she’ll work well if you like those sorts of teams.

Kama’s going to be at her best when she’s NP-ing frequently, so CEs that boost NP gain and/or Quick cards are going to be valuable here. Summer Little and Cute Orangette are options, for example.

Grail Potential:

Assassins aren’t great for grails and SSRs are expensive. Kama is strong, though, so if you like her enough to grail her she’ll serve you well.

In Conclusion:

Kama is pretty comparable to Assassin Li. Both are point servants meant to slip into their favored team comps and do escalating damage over several turns. Relative to Li, Kama loses some damage and some offensive utility in favor of a nice batch of defenses—and in this way they also mirror each other. Li provides more of the thing Arts teams are most lacking in (offense) while Kama provides the thing Quick teams tend to lack (defense). Jack is Kama’s more obvious competition, of course, but here the case is more clear-cut: Jack makes more stars and has better one-turn burst against females, while Kama is better at literally everything else. Kama will win-out damage-wise even against females on subsequent NP turns, and her utility and deck are both stronger overall.

The end result is that Kama is really strong. She’s definitely in competition with the top members of her class, and she’ll hold up well in hard content—especially if you have Skadi, but possibly even without. She’s balanced carefully enough that she’s not earth-shatteringly good, and she does need enabling and a bit of card luck in order to function properly, but she’ll definitely do well for you if you decide to target her.

Rabbit’s Arbitrary Ratings:

Overall: 9/10
Single-Target DPS: 8/10
Survivability: 8/10
Offensive Utility: 2/10
Defensive Utility: 6/10
Farming Usefulness: 5/10
Seduction: 10/10
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User Info: Zinie95

2 years ago#5
...Why another Sakura again...? Like, REALLY?

User Info: Buddy7787

2 years ago#6
She is super cute cinnamon roll and has the potential to do more damage than pretty much any other Assassin.

She just take a bit to get going.

Jack can outdamage her on 1 turn vs females, but with a 3 turn quick up vs a 1 turn, she can keep the ball rolling and growing, becoming an unstoppable force of cuteness.
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User Info: AndyYagami

2 years ago#7
Zinie95 posted...
...Why another Sakura again...? Like, REALLY?

Her movie is just out. Expect more GilKidu once we get closer to Babylonia
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User Info: Goraishi

2 years ago#8
The two main things I like about her are (despite generally being a huge Sakura hater) her art/animations and that she counters AE. Not sure I'll drop too much more on the banner trying to get Parvati and her though.

User Info: CorgiFreeze

2 years ago#9
I really want to pull Kama since I'm lacking a Quick assassin, and my only other options in the class are Izou and sort of Okita Alter. I've only got 30 sq, but I'm crossing my fingers.

User Info: MrSmokestack

2 years ago#10
One of the biggest things Kama brings to the table for general use is being a ST Assassin with an NP battery. The only other ST Assassins that have one are Shiki, Carmilla, and Chiyome. However, the batteries on those three each cap out at 30%, while Kama hits 50%. This makes her a great addition from a farming standpoint, especially if we get nodes with Alter Ego bosses later on.

Kama's internals also give me some confidence that DW won't design future Quick servants in the context of Skadi. As in, they need her to enable them. Kama isn't like that; she works well without her and becomes absurd with her.
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