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  3. Do you have any Lv 100 Craft Essence?

User Info: averlanche

1 week ago#1
Do you have any Lv 100/100 CE?

Which CE's did you level all the way to 100?

User Info: Goraishi

1 week ago#2
My highest is Sumo at like 87 I think... though I may have leveled it up a bit more after the initial point where I dropped all the exp I had on it.

User Info: ShotgunSamurai

1 week ago#3
highest is lvl 78 which is another ending second is black grail which is 71. other high lvl ones are in the high 50s.
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User Info: mazurka

1 week ago#4
Highest is a level 84 joint recital, followed by a lvl 66 golden sumo, followed by a lvl 62 Halloween princess and then a lvl 60 black grail
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User Info: Hikari5x

1 week ago#5
I only have one, i got joint recital to 100. In hindsight i probably should have put all that exp into golden sumo (currently lvl 51) instead for better utility and general purpose.
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User Info: Kneekicker

1 week ago#6
Halloween Princess is my only CE at level 100, with Sumo trailing a bit behind at 80-something due to QP hell rather than a lack of CE bombs. Once I've gotten Sumo out of the way, I'm planning on working on Purely Bloom which currently sits at level 42. The majority of my other CEs I frequently use are sitting in the 30's level.
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User Info: mewhooo

1 week ago#7
I have Black Grail at 100/100. Working on Joint Recital, L/ZO, Golden Sumo, and a few others though I am probably going to level After-Party Order to 80/80 next.

User Info: sou

1 week ago#8
Only one Kaleidoscope.
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User Info: mazurka

1 week ago#9
Jeez how many FP do you people spend on these CE bombs, it feels like it takes like 200k per 10 CE levels and that's not even at the 80+ lvls. Probably what like 2million to get a CE to 100?
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Nope, just started the game late December of last year so I don't have any level 100 CEs yet.
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