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User Info: Mike45

1 month ago#1
I know this was probably was done before but i'm curious about everyone's favorite servants and i'm going to put one restriction on this. 1 This is about your favorite servants based on the character and their personality not gameplay. Slight spoilers for future servants names that have not been released on the NA server yet

User Info: Tressert

1 month ago#2
Gil > BB > Dantes, Kiara, Quetz.

User Info: Zilong17

1 month ago#3
1. Musashi
2. Achilles
3. Gilgamesh
4. Caster of Midrash
5. Altera
"My experience with Musashi boils down to using Zilong's and any monkey can realize Zi's Musashi is not normal." - DemiseEnd

User Info: Goraishi

1 month ago#4
Malter, Cas Nero, Archuria, Gil, Scath.

User Info: HitokiriS

1 month ago#5
I'm limiting it to servants that have shown up in the NA version.

1. Shuten Douji
2. Ibaraki Douji
3. Helena Blavatsky
4. Nitocris
5. Quetzlcotl

Honorable mentions
Ereshkigal: made my decision easier by not including her on a technicality, in that she's not available as a player servant yet

Musashi: Grailed and insta-10/10/10'd her based on her design and feeling like I'd enjoy her personality, and while I liked what I saw of her in the quests with her banner, it was too little. I'm looking forward to Shimousa (though not just for her, there's Inferno too)

Ozymandias: my absolute faves are pretty much reserved for girls, but I like Ozy a lot and is currently the only dude I'm remotely entertaining the idea of grailing way down the road (helped by the fact that there are currently no female Riders I particularly care for; if DW ever changes that with a summer Shuten rider or something, then that goes out the window)

User Info: Mike45

1 month ago#6
1 Altera
2-archer Emiya
3-regular saber Nero

User Info: TiamatNM

1 month ago#7
Top 2 is definitely nero and kiyohime but top 5 is kinda hard.

Nursery Rhyme

User Info: maguskiller

1 month ago#8
Void Shiki

Yes, I like swordswomen and edgy buster memes.
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User Info: CVGnaoki

1 month ago#9
Da Vinci

User Info: SuperOreman

1 month ago#10
I don’t have a constantly concise top 5 but today five favorites of mine are probably

-Nitocris, as her medjeds are hilarious and her personality is funny too
-Serenity, as her situation is sad and written in a way that makes me want her to be happy
-Fergus, as he is an honest individual of culture
-Blackbeard, as his existence is hilarious
-Mash, a good kouhai character

Character’s that I don’t know very much about but are probably going to be some of my favorite characters when they show up are
-The Sakura five and BB
-Ryoma and Oryou
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