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User Info: 22whiterabbit22

2 weeks ago#1
Your pulling plans?

Valentine’s 2 Ladies Banner Topic
2019-02-06 23:00 ~ 02-20 19:59 PST

Valentine’s means MHXA’s banner, which also happens to be a massive rotating banner with every non-limited female SSR to date. MHXA is always on rate-up, meaning if you’re aiming for one of the other females you have to deal with split odds. This is also technically two separate banners, though I’m combining them into one topic since they might as well be one and the same. While the banner rotates, there will be two non-MHXA servants on rate-up at any given time, one on banner 1, and one on banner 2. It’s also worth noting that the Valentine’s 1 CEs will briefly be on rate-up on the 15th and 16th.

Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) (5* Berserker)

MHXA is pretty weak at launch, but once she gets her buff and Quick teams get more options she becomes one of the better Quick point servants in the game, particularly with lots of investment. She has good cards, good NP refill, good damage, and the ability to disintegrate Sabers. Plus her animations are really fun. Solid pull all around.

Artoria Pendragon (5* Saber)

Artoria’s Instinct buff makes her a much better farmer when it arrives, but she’s still a bland, bursty AoE Saber. She’s usable if you like her, but she’s not particularly good and her lack of defensive tools and utility make her a weak pick for CQs.

Jeanne d’Arc (5* Ruler)

Jeanne is a servant who’s extremely helpful when she matters and kinda pointless when she doesn’t. She’s one of the best servants in the game for raw stall, but usually you’d rather run a support who can also contribute to damage. She’s a nice tool to have handy, but certainly not a necessary one.

Tamamo-no-Mae (5* Caster)

Tamamo is arguably the most important servant to have if you want to run Arts teams. She boosts damage, increases your DPS’s NP gain with Fox’s Wedding, delays NPs, and—most importantly—reduces your party’s skill cooldowns, speeding up teams and eliminating downtime for supports and damage-dealers alike. Between Morph and her healing, she also has little trouble staying alive. Excellent servant.

Jack the Ripper (5* Assassin)

Jack is a very strong Assassin who pairs excellent NP gain with off-the-charts star gen. Her damage isn’t half-bad, either. She seems to have fallen out of common use a little, but she’s still an excellent addition to any Quick roster, and her self-sufficiency and star gen mean she can benefit other team types as well.

Florence Nightingale (5* Berserker)

Night is an odd support servant who can also serve as a DPS in certain team comps. While her most obvious talent is boosting Buster damage, she’s generally more notable for being able to (with a little help) protect the party through NPs and crits even when the enemy has invuln-pierce. With a little creativity she can be very strong.

Xuanzang Sanzang (5* Caster)

Sanzang is an ST offensive Caster who is lacking in raw damage but makes up for it with NP spam and some nice party utility. She’s not all that exciting, but she can serve you well if you want to use her.
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User Info: 22whiterabbit22

2 weeks ago#2
Altera (5* Saber)

Like Artoria, Altera is an AoE Buster Saber with little meaningful utility. Unlike Artoria, she has no battery and isn’t a great farmer as a result. In exchange, she can enable a crit turn, which can be nice if you want to run her with Merlin.

Orion (5* Archer)

Orion is a slow, bulky Arts Archer who also happens to have one of the best NPs in the game. If you can work around his NP gain (probably with Tamamo and/or Waver) he becomes a solid point servant, particularly against males. Euryale generally does his job well enough, though, so he’s not necessarily a servant to target unless you happen to like him.

Francis Drake (5* Rider)

Drake is one of the “classic” farming servants. Between her large battery, her one-turn steroid, and the star burst on her NP, she can be very useful for farming event nodes. She can be used in CQs as well, though she’s not amazing in that role.

Mordred (5* Saber)

Mordred is quite similar to Artoria. Both are AoE Buster Sabers with batteries, and they have nearly identical NPs (though Mordred’s deals bonus damage to Artorias). Both work well for farming. Mordred’s defensive boost probably gives her a slight edge for CQs—and she’s still waiting on an Instinct buff, which could eventually give her a more decisive advantage—but she and Artoria are mostly interchangeable at the moment.

Queen Medb (5* Rider)

Medb may not be the most popular of the Riders, but she’s perfectly functional. She does good damage to males, and she can boost male allies’ damage by a fair bit as well. If you like her, you can definitely make her work.

Artoria Pendragon (5* Lancer)

As with her Saber version, Lartoria is a good farmer and not too much else. She is, essentially, Artoria with a stronger battery and no interlude. Eh.

Quetzalcoatl (5* Rider)

Quetz is sort of like a more offense-focused Ozy. She hits pretty hard, though her Buster buff is on an irritatingly long cooldown as a result of also being a guts. Strong alternative to Ozy if you don’t have him.
This is the silliest stuff that ever I heard!

User Info: 22whiterabbit22

2 weeks ago#3
Cute Orangette (5* CE)
Equipped servant’s NP gain increases by 25%; Equipped servant’s NP strength increases by 15%

This is one of the best event gacha CEs in the game. 25% NP gain is a sizable boost, and it’s paired with a great type of damage buff in that NP damage boosts stack multiplicatively with the more common buff types. This is an excellent pick for NP-centric servants like Archuria and MHXA, and there’s no offensive servant who won’t appreciate the boosts this provides.

Chocolate Angel (4* CE)
Equipped servant’s Buster card effectiveness increases by 8%; Equipped servant’s NP gain increases by 15%

Buster card performance and NP gain is a fairly rare combination, and it can be nice for Buster-leaning servants with good NP gain. Cleo and Ivan are both fairly natural picks, though any QAAAB + Buster NP servant can also benefit from this.

Blissful Time (3* CE)
Equipped servant’s healing received increases by 5%; Equipped servant’s star gen increases by 5%

This seems to be designed to synergize with MHXA. Both effects are pretty weak and healing received up is gimmicky, so you can safely ignore this.

Valentine’s 1 CEs

The old Valentine’s CEs have some unusual effect pairings, but none of them is worth pulling for over Cute Orangette. I’d recommend avoiding their rate-up day and sticking with the newer CEs.

Should You Pull?

This banner has so much going on that odds are good there’s someone here you want. Before you pull, though, check to see if they’ll have a solo rate-up in the near future—split SSR rates-up are bad civ. If MHXA is your goal, on the other hand, then go for it. She’ll be nice to have eventually and there aren’t any particularly important new servants coming up in the near future. As always, if you’re aiming for a particular servant, make sure to pull on the correct rate-up day.
This is the silliest stuff that ever I heard!

User Info: Dishware

2 weeks ago#4
Thanks for the write-up, as always. I got some plans for MXHA, but we'll see how it goes. And while I agree that Cute Orangette is up there, I doubt I'll get to MLB it.

User Info: ShotgunSamurai

2 weeks ago#5
I want to roll for mhxa and medb hopefully it goes well enough.
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User Info: BlueCrash21

2 weeks ago#6
*checks quartz/ticmets supply and how long till the 5p day bonus is* I think I can spare a 10 pull and 5 to maybe 10 tickets on this gacha. Currently highly tempted to do these rolls on Sanzang's rate up since I really want her along with MHXA.

Sucks that old man archer guy is right around the corner of this set of event banners and that I'm trying to be in hoarding mode or I would pull more.
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User Info: Xaldin0011

2 weeks ago#8
Is it worth rolling on this for the CEs? Cute Orangette seems ideal for just about any team.
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User Info: Samuraidoc

2 weeks ago#9
Will roll on MHXA / Tamamo day. Want MHXA, but also want more USOs.

User Info: TiamatNM

2 weeks ago#10
Xaldin0011 posted...
Is it worth rolling on this for the CEs? Cute Orangette seems ideal for just about any team.

Getting five of them for MLB could take a really large amount of quartz depending on your luck. Unless you're a whale I'd say focus on the servants you want instead.
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