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User Info: Fiz

1 year ago#1
IGN: Johnny Bravo

Friend Code: 712,006,609

All Slot: Gorgon lv50 Np lv 2 -Victor of the moon CE

Saber: Lancelot lv 70 Np lv 2 - Joint Recital CE

Archer: Gilgamesh lv 84 Np lv 2 - Victor of the moon CE

Lancer: Endkidu lv 70 Np lv 2 - Knights of Marines CE

Rider: Marie Antoinette lv 60 Np lv2 - (LB) Holy Night Supper CE

Caster: Caster Gilgamesh lv 60 Np lv 3 - (LB) Another Ending CE

Assassin: Henry Jekyll & Hyde lv100 Np lv5 (LB) Devilish Bodhisattva) CE

Berserker: Nightingale lv 80 Np lv 1 Victor of the moon CE

Extra class: Martha Ruler lv 80 Np lv1 (LB) Joint Recital

Please post your Friend Code and list your Support Servants

Thank you all and please request sticky.
PSN: WngZero_custom- Prisma Islands-The Official Poison Gym Leader
omega ruby( Im a guy btw) : IGN :Tifa fc: 4270-3981-0173( the name is from FF7)

User Info: benetan

1 year ago#2
Looking for Merlin/Waver with MLB Chaldea Lunchtime and MLB Mona Lisa on Rider slot.

Nine's Own Goal 565,144,104
https://imgur.com/jTdFqFZ https://imgur.com/ctIv0lp

User Info: Neas

1 year ago#3
@Fiz Great, thanks! Was just thinking about creating a new one myself! Sticky requested!

@FiendEmperor Just sent you a request!

And finally at everyone feel free to add me!
I'm able to switch the Caster slot around between Waver, Merlin and Tama. Feel free to make requests!
IGN: Yebisu
FC: 070,940,440
Here's my line up: https://i.imgtc.com/SnBkAbr.png
FGO: Yebisu, FC: 070,940,440
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: nghiango1989

1 year ago#4

Ign: Waifu4Laifu
Id: 664,601,384

Hi, your friend list was full a few days ago so I couldn't add you. I send you a friend request just now.
That's a lot of useless CEs, I must say.
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: FiendEmperor

1 year ago#5
@benetan sent a request! @Neas accepted!

Anyone feel free to add me, I have plenty of slots!

NA: 873,622,179 | https://imgur.com/a/44yiglo

I can switch Rider to Drake, or Caster to Gil, or Berserker to Herc (w/Bond) or Saber to NP5 Saberlot or anything just lmk. Same with CE’s.

Feel free to ask whatever.

User Info: BipBapBam

1 year ago#6
Oh. Hey this is a thing. I was gonna post on the old one, but I kept forgetting.

IGN: Zertion
ID: 564,752,108


@MorningRose what's your ID btw~?
Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all.
Endy-wendy is just tsuny-wuny for the loli-wolis~! :D - Endgame
(edited 1 year ago)
(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: Yukure

1 year ago#9

I sent you a request. Hopefully you have enough slots in your FL. I would like to try your Jekyll
3DS: 4699-5996-9265 | FEH: 4705174212 | FGO: 784,557,531
RIP Playable Isaac and Bomberman

User Info: gNNNs

1 year ago#10
@Neas, @nghiango1989, @FiendEmperor, @BipBapBam

I am sending all of you friend request
Ign : NcipTex fgo :WG7PwwT27p
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