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  3. Will you spend SQ to NP2+ your existing SSR this year?

User Info: Excenmile

2 months ago#1
Spend SQ on NP of existing SSR Servants? - Results (235 votes)
Yes I plan to.
43.4% (102 votes)
56.6% (133 votes)
This poll is now closed.
While we'll be getting many new Servants are there any current 5* Servants that you will spend SQ to try to NP2 or higher, instead of just "NP2 spook would be nice"?

Or is NP1 enough for all your current NP1 SSR and you'll focus entirely on trying to get new SSR Servants?

User Info: suchiuomizu

2 months ago#2
Does already getting Hassan to NP5 count as yes? Depending on what else I do this year I might try to finish off Merlin and Musashi (both NP3 currently) when they come back.

User Info: TheOneAndOnly44

2 months ago#3
When Shimosa (I think?) comes out I plan on dropping SQ in an attempt to get Tomoe (I'm lacking a gold Buster ST Archer :/) and NP2 my Musashi. If Tomoe weren't on the banner my answer would be no, so I'm glad I have the chance to knock out two birds with one (more like a few hundred T_T) stone.
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User Info: NanoOmega

2 months ago#4
My alt will be going for NP2 Archuria most likely, but that is sorta based on if I go for Sherlock or not. Technically I already got NP3 Musashi this year on the main. Took 390 quartz to get her, and got 3 in the same 10 roll.

User Info: Dishware

2 months ago#5
Okita and Cleo maybe. Well, I'll roll for Okita regardless because I need Poster Girl #2

User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

2 months ago#6
No, I prefer getting at least ONE new thing every time I pull for a Servant, I'd have to really like a Servant and have no plans for my SQto bother trying to NP2+ a servant especially since my current plans on NA involve saving for Meltlilith and then Abigail.
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User Info: LordKarasuman

2 months ago#7
Where's the "maybe" option? Because I've given it serious consideration in regards to leveling Raikou.

User Info: FlareKnights

2 months ago#8
Honestly, I don't expect to. I mean getting a favorite past NP1 is great. But at the same time it is so hard to pull anyone. I'd rather try to get new servants I really want than use up those quartz/tickets chasing a boost to their NP.

Right now just focused on getting new 2019 targets
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User Info: Maxmilion

2 months ago#9
NP2 for SSRs is a nice surprise, it's not a good target to pursue if you're F2P.

all my NP2 on my JP account are all spooks, (except my NP2 Jalter which I use one ticket for funsies)
(I have Orion, Ozy, Tamamo, Xuan Shang, MHXA, Jeanne and Jalter)

User Info: sumostickfigure

2 months ago#10
The only one I'd consider doing it for is Musashi, and that's only because I'm also interested in the 4* servants on the Shimosa rate up. I got burned the first and only time I tried NP2ing a 5* servant, so I'm not going to bother doing that again without other excuses to pull during their rate-up.
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